Evans Sale – Extra 20% Off


hello my beauties! it is definitely sale time out there, and not only is evans having a blow out sale, they’ve also shared a special code with me that will give you an EXTRA 20% off already discounted items. just use code AFFILIATE20 when you check out between july 8 and july 16 to receive an extra 20% off!

so, what would i buy if i were to happen to swing by? check out my picks below!


black lace boots – £20.00 that’s $25.60 in US dollars after the 20% discount.

black jersey skirt – £7.00 that’s $8.96 for a maxi skirt after the 20% discount. can’t beat that!

black and mink drape dress – £15.00 $19.20 after the 20% discount.

collection colour block dress – £40.00 $51.20. this is the dress that you saw gabi in from young fat and fabulous not too long ago.

large stone cuff bracelet – £5.00 after the 20% discount, that’s $6.40 in US dollars.

collection stone kimono shirt – £15.00 $19.20. the items that are in the evans collection are made from really nice fabric – totally worth the money people!

metal studded tunic top – £39.00 mm love this piece. limited quantities in stock, though, so hurry! $49.92 after the discount.

so, which item are you going to score? there’s plenty there for everyone, and if you’ve ever wanted to try evans out – this is the time! when the big sales are on AND you’ve got a discount code.


xoxo nettaP

Online Sample Sales for Plus Size


so you know those sample sale sites like gilt group, rue lala, and ideeli? well, now there’s one just for you and me! clique to know launched today. it’s just like those other flash sale sites – members only, but dedicated to plus size fashion (sizes 10 and up).

so, what’s being featured on the site? here are my fave picks:

rachel pally has ALWAYS been one of my favorite maxi dress designers because she really knows how to drape fabric, and the fabric is of high quality. this dress is dry clean only, but it’s 59% off at $105, and that’s a great deal for a rachel pally piece. slide over to clique to know and check it out!

rani zakhem rani zakhem rani zakhem! i love pretty much everything he’s created, and this bubble print jersey dress is no exception. this dress is also dry clean only, and it’s 50% off at $120. swing by clique to know to see what else he has on offer.

this poncho from t-bags is 60% off (yahoo!) and only $71. it’s also dry clean only (beware those fine fabrics – wait, is this made out of cotton? why dry clean only?). see the material up close over at clique to know.

i’m very excited to see what’s coming from clique to know. i’ve noticed that certain lines are only offering up to a certain size, so i’m hoping this website will show designers that we want a wide range of sizes offered. would it be possible to have a sample sale site that offered sizes 14 and up? also, will you be picking anything up at clique to know? what caught your eye?

follow clique to know on twitter here. sign up to be a member here, and receive a $10 e-card for a limited time!

xoxo nettaP


Torrid Sale!


you can get 10% your entire purchase at torrid until june 15 using coupon code 5AF11OFF ladies!

here are my top picks from torrid at the moment:

Lucky 13 - Lace Zip Halter Top

the lucky 13 lace zip halter top. this is an internet exclusive, and it would look super hot this summer for a night out!

Black Cropped Pant with Sash

pair that with these black cropped pants with a sash and then finish it off with one of these pairs of wedges:

Multi-Color Floral Print Wedge (Wide Width)


the multi-color floral print wege (in wide width!)

Lorane White Patent Wedge Heel (Wide Width)

or maybe the lorane white patent wedge heel?

Emily Yellow Snake Wedge Sandal (Wide Width)

and i love, love the emily yellow snake wedge sandal!!

Save 10% off at Torrid.com

xoxo nettaP