Fall 2012 Color Trends: Ultramarine Green in Plus Size

Soprano Plus Size Dress Short Sleeve Ruched Gathered Empire

We’ve been talking about the fall 2012 color trends, and I’ve been hunting down different pieces for you in these trendy colors in plus size. If you missed my first post in the series on rhapsody, which is a sort of pastel purple shade, you can check it out here. I really like the Ultramarine Green shade – it’s a blue green shade that I think is wearable for a lot of different skin tones, and it goes well with gold and brown – both shades that make you feel like fall. Click “Read More” to see all of the pieces that I found in this shade!

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Netta Covets: Raspberry Animal Print Cross Front Dress

Raspberry Plus Size Animal Print Cross Front Dress from Alexon

This is a great dress for the fall season. It’s animal print, which is totally going to be everywhere this fall and winter, and it’s office appropriate without being too boring. I would say this is the perfect dress to throw on for Friday at the office with some black tights and black booties. What say you? You could put a blazer on top, too, if you get cold at the office or need more coverage due to the changing weather. This one will totally go into night, as well. Particularly if you have an after-work event to get to with cocktails and cuties.

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Summer Shopping at Forever21


while getting ready for summer time, i feel that it’s totally important to have some pieces in the mix that are just for fun. they’re not really investment pieces, but you could wear them a couple of times over the summer, look fly, and not worry too much about sweating in them since they weren’t that expensive in the first place. enter … forever21 plus sizes.

Street Style: Paige from the G Train


i see ladies with fantastic style all the time on my commutes to and from work. today was no exception. i’ve decided to be bold and start approaching some of them to snap their pictures. i feel a little bit creepy following them as quickly as i possibly can but not too closely until we get outside. it would be weird to ask them before i get off the train, right? i want to get them in the best light possible (which would be outside).

Hi-Lo Hem Mermaid Skirts

torrid hi-lo black flounce skirt

hi-lo hems, aka the mermaid skirt look, have been everywhere, and isn’t it high time that you lay your hands on a skirt or dress with this super sexy hemline? i’ve found a couple of options for you below.