IGIGI: Review


i definitely felt like the belle of the ball in this dress by IGIGI called – belle of the ball! the quality of IGIGI’s garments are definitely on point (read: high quality fabric and the folks sewing it care about the finished product). and even though i don’t get to get this dressed up very often, when i do, i want to feel like the most gorgeous chick in the room. even if you think that this dress or any of IGIGI’s dresses are not your style – you should still think about having one in your closet, because you will definitely get compliments once you go out the door. trust.

now, let’s talk a little bit about fit. i am on the high end of a 16 and low end of an 18. why? because i don’t have a lot going on in the bust area, but i’ve got a booty and a round tummy and hips. so, that means that dresses that are cut like this are often a challenge for me. in addition to those attributes, i’ve also got large shoulders. we’re talkin i coulda played football if i wasn’t so girly.

so, if you’re sized like i am, i would recommend purchasing the larger size (18/20) and having it taken in a bit in the bust area if you either got large shoulders or don’t like anything to feel tight around that area when you put it on. you might have trouble moving freely without feeling like you’re going to rip the delicate lace! i’m one of those girls that DANCES when she goes out (yes the italics and bold and all caps are necessary), even when wearing my finery, and i wouldn’t want to rip such a gorgeous dress! look how it makes me feel …

if you usually wear an 18/20 and you have more than a b or almost a c cup, then these dresses are true to size. they skim away from areas that you might not want to be clingy, and they’re lined beautifully. really a comfortable fabric agains the skin, and the lace is sumptuous.

so how am i accessorized? well, my shoes were a purchase long ago and far away – they’re by a company called luchini. i just love the patent leather, the red and the bow. the shade totally matches my red lips! my necklace was a gift from my mother. she’s got the best taste in jewelry, and sometimes i “gift” things to myself from her jewelry stash when i’m in NC. i swear i asked first!! my bracelet is from forever 21. i love the aqua mixed with the gold color – totally read more