The Curvy Revolution


so. i’m at the airport in las vegas slowly making my way back to NYC! i’m going to be putting up photos from each of the fashion lines that showed at the curvy revolution in las vegas over the weekend – including the finale photos from the FANTASTIC lane bryant show.

review of the convention: 1 P out of 5 review of the vendor area: 2 P’s out of 5 review of the strolling fashion show: 2 P’s out of 5 review of the final fashion show: 4 P’s out of 5 review of planet hollywood: 4 P’s out of 5

the convention: a lot of attendees had trouble while at the convention itself. there was confusion about the start time of events, location, and also about who was actually there to speak. because of that, i give the convention 1 P out of 5. i think this is an area that the curvy revolution will really have to work hard to improve if they want folks to come back and talk about what a great time they had!

the vendor area: i think the vendors that were on hand were interesting, and a lot of them had some things to offer, but i don’t feel like a lot of attendees knew what to do with the vendor area. this is another portion of the convention that could’ve benefitted greatly from better signage and publicity, in my opinion. an extra P for the efforts of the vendors gives this part of the convention a 2 P’s out of 5.

the strolling fashion show: i felt like this was poorly attended as well. and i’m not sure if that was due to there not being enough publicity, if it was too late in the day, or what, but i would’ve given it a lot more P’s if there had been more people there. i also felt the frustration of some of those who participated and showed their designs at the poor attendance. again, another area where i don’t know exactly how to improve attendance beyond giving it more publicity, having that info be much more readily available for attendees, and giving them some kind of incentive to attend. it was around this time that some folks were talking about the curvy revolution site being down and it hindering their ability to find out information about the exhibition and designers. this show was more of a trade show with the participation of some designers who are still just getting their start. giving this 2 P’s out of 5.

the final fashion show: this was, without, the highlight of the convention. the show seemed to be a little disorganized at the beginning with some confusion about b scott’s cue cards, but once things got on a roll – things went well. expect a lot of photos from each designer’s line in the next few days to be showing up here! the comedian that they had as entertainment was funny and had a good read more