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This is The Round Up for September 11, 2012. You can watch all the latest news in plus size fashion each week (every Tuesday!) right here at or on YouTube. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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Want to get the things you saw in the video? All the articles are listed in this post!

OSP Collection


the collection by osp (one stop plus) that debuted during new york fashion week is now available for purchase! here are my top picks for spring!

the crepe de sheen lined blazer is $79.99. beware – it’s dry clean only, but it’s in a GREAT color for spring. blazers will definitely pull together an outfit with a maxi dress or skirt, and it would also look fantastic with leggings. a layered look, perhaps?

AND you can get $15 off $50, $25 off $75, $35 off $100 with code OSPCOUPON10 at OneStopPlus today.

this maxi skirt is ALSO in a great color for spring, and it’s a maxi skirt – totally on trend!! this is machine washable, and it’s $119.99. the long & flowing full maxi skirt is a bit on the pricey side, but take a look at the details:

gorgeous! check it out at onestopplus here.

these cargo shorts with adjustable cuffs are $44.99. they’re in a crepe de chine fabric, and they’re perfect for the warmer weather that’s coming! machin wash, you just pull them right on. they’ve also got adjustable cuffs – so you can adjust them to whatever length you’d like!

a spring trend roundup wouldn’t be complete without a sheer item! i like the color of this sheer georgette shirt. you can wear it over a cami, layer it under a blazer with a dress – all kinds of things!

the leather jacket. totally quintessential to the spring wardrobe – especially in the northeast, midwest, or northwestern part of the US where it can still dip in temperature in the evening. this lined leather jacket, which is going for $169.99 is totally crisp, and it’s got some modern detailing with the side zip! love it.

and finally, the crepe de chine pants. a colored pant is GREAT for spring. i’m hoping to see some in PINK somewhere soon, but for now, i will have to be tied over with these lightweight wide leg ones. they can go casual or dress, and at $59.99, they’re reasonably priced!

so, what are you looking forward to this spring? don’t forget to use the $15 off $50, $25 off $75, $35 off $100 with code OSPCOUPON10 coupon when you swing by!

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Elena Miro Fall / Winter Collection 2011 / 2012


love this video of the elena miro collection for fall/winter 2011/2012. suits and menswear were seen on several runways during the various fashion weeks this year, but i love the way that elena has given it all a very feminine twist. you can tell that the details of the garments mean they’re worth every penny. my favorite is the dress with the lasercut details around the collar and sleeves. what’s yours?

check out the video on italian vogue here:

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beth ditto on the jean paul gaultier runway

beth ditto and jean paul gaultier

every other fatshion blog out here will feature a post on this, too, but i couldn’t help myself!

beth ditto and jean paul gaultierlove that jean paul gaultier is again ahead of the curve (pun intended) and has featured one of the plus-size world’s icons, beth ditto from the gossip, in his recent runway show. beth not only opened the show, but she closed it with a song, and jean paul and she walked out together (he sported a gossip tee!)

the show featured several other plus-size models, including crystal renn (who looked like a total badass!)

Crystal Rennthanks to lapocketrocket and the curvy fashionista for the tip-off on twitter that this was going down!

check out all the looks here (all images from NOW fashion). which looks were your fave? here are mine (other than beth and crystal):