$80 T-Shirt Obsession


how could one be obsessed by something that’s totally just a t-shirt and that i could totally make myself? i blame the 90′s. and really, i don’t see anything wrong with a little bump n grind … just that price tag. what to you think? would you buy it? #nettacovets

OOTD: Lazy Black Maxi


my boyfriend is up north visiting his family for a little bit and fixing his car, and so i’ve got a lot more responsibilities in the morning than i normally do when he’s around to help out. that leads to running a little bit late and feeling a bit lazy when picking out what to wear. an easy go to for mornings like that is a maxi dress. then all i have to do is throw my hair in a bun, add a headband, grab some colorful sandals and jewelry, and i’m set to go! do you have a go-to maxi dress or outfit for mornings when you’re not ready to put together your next work of outfit artistry?

Things I Wish I Owned: Prabal Gurung for Target

Prabal Gurung for Target   Designer Collection   Target.com

i’m not sure that any of the #prabalfortarget items will fit me because, like most everything that target does in collaboration with big name designers, it doesn’t come in plus size. i still think the looks from the #prabalfortarget collection are lovely, and i’ll probably still be found at a target somewhere trying a lot of them on. because damn the size on the label! who knows if it’ll fit or not. that being said, i thought i’d share my favorite looks from the collection here. if you shop the prabal gurung for target collection and spend more than $50, you get free shipping.

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In 2013, I Pledge to #TakeCare

i have decided to be happy plate

it’s a new year, and i can hardly believe that it’s 2013. i got used to 2012, and i wasn’t that surprised to see it come, but something about 2013 reminds me that time slows down for no one. i’m almost three decades old, and this year, i’ve decided i need to #takecare of myself. so that’s my new year’s resolution. and it means a lot of different things. here is how i will #takecare, better care, of myself in 2013:

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Dear World. I’m Not Really An Hourglass.


there was an article published recently by definatalie on xojane entitled, “when activism gives way to advertising: how fat girl blogging ate itself.” god bless natalie for putting into words things that i’ve been feeling but have not been able to express. once again i’m entirely inspired by another lady blogger and the internet to talk about something i’ve wanted to talk about for awhile. 1 – why haven’t i been blogging as often recently? 2 – i want to talk about not being the “ideal” shape.

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