#Grateful100 – Day 18



Today I’m grateful for:

The Fatkini & GabiFresh

Being fat and plus size, or whatever you wanna call it, and also having a long torso (thank God I don’t have large breasts or this post might be a lot longer and a lot whinier) has meant that I’ve been destined to really not quite fit into any bathing suit for years. And yes, I know, most women hate shopping for swimsuits, but coming from the land of frump and “Oh my God … what is that weird skirt thing?” and “Really? That was the best fluck*ng floral they could find?!” makes shopping for a bathing suit a much bigger challenge. Pun intended. So today, I’m giving thanks and shouts out to Gabi Fresh and the acceptance of the Fatkini. That isht is here y’all.

Swimsuits for Summer 2012

Screen shot 2012-06-01 at 2.21.49 PM

i’m going tubing this weekend, which means it was time to break out the swimsuits! my favorite one at the moment is from torrid, and it’s a high-waisted bikini bottom that i’m pairing with an older halter bikini polka dot top that i’ve had for awhile. my current faves for what’s out there? check out the mini shop below! do you love any of these styles? have you seen any swimsuits out there that you want me to try out? what are the issues that you find when shopping for a plus size swimsuit? i hate that there aren’t a LOT of bikini options out there for us that makes sense. like … who really looks good in those side-tie bikinis that hit just above the crotch line? high-waist or get out for me! read more