Dear World. I’m Not Really An Hourglass.


there was an article published recently by definatalie on xojane entitled, “when activism gives way to advertising: how fat girl blogging ate itself.” god bless natalie for putting into words things that i’ve been feeling but have not been able to express. once again i’m entirely inspired by another lady blogger and the internet to talk about something i’ve wanted to talk about for awhile. 1 – why haven’t i been blogging as often recently? 2 – i want to talk about not being the “ideal” shape.

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Plus Size Round Up: The Top 6

Screen Shot 2012-05-30 at 8.25.57 AM

i’ve decided, after a long hiatus, to bring back the round up this week with a top 6 list. let me know what you think!

1. full figured fashion week – top indie designers @ the curvy fashionista

2. trends – neon @ madison plus coco perez tv

3. swimsuits just for the plus size bod – dramatis personae swimsuits on the xoxonettaP shop

4. outfits of the day – gabi fresh in pastels pocket rocket fashion in lace florals stylish curves in a floral dress gabi fresh in a look inspired by marc by marc jacobs with sneakers

5. dear curves @ stylish curves shop at xoxonettaP

6. memorial day sales @ the curvy fashionista city chic sale @ lips hips & fatshion tips

Hi-Lo Hem Mermaid Skirts

torrid hi-lo black flounce skirt

hi-lo hems, aka the mermaid skirt look, have been everywhere, and isn’t it high time that you lay your hands on a skirt or dress with this super sexy hemline? i’ve found a couple of options for you below.

color your jeans: plus-size colored pants

Screen Shot 2012-02-26 at 2.24.21 PM

colored jeans and shorts are totally in right now, and we’ve discussed my quest for the perfect pair of pink pants before. the good news is, you can buy pink pants in plus size now without having to dye a white pair. manufacturers are finally getting the message that just because we’re plus size on the bottom doesn’t mean we only want to wear black pants. SWEET. so, who’s got what colors? let’s go over the options.

netta covets: bodycon striped skirt


forever21 plus has this bodycon striped skirt that will be just perfect this summer. i rock mine with a pair of little bike shorts underneath, and you can have the freedom to act like you’re wearing pants. almost. except you’ll feel like you’re azealia banks switchin down the street in a pair of converse and braided pigtails. or maybe you’ll wear it with a pair of boots and really turn it out. what would you pair this with? i mean for $13.80 … you might as well!

xoxo nettaP

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