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This is The Round Up for September 18, 2012. You can watch all the latest news in plus size fashion each week (every Tuesday!) right here at or on YouTube. Don’t forget to subscribe!

NettaP’s Valentine’s Day Look

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valentine’s day is coming! have you got a dress that has sequins hanging in your closet that’s perhaps leftover from the holidays? or maybe just a top with a little gold or red sparkle? maybe you’ve got a flowing maxi dress that could be jazzed up with some lace? here are is the outfit that i’m gonna wear on the special day. (and even if you’re not spending it with someone special – you can always dress up for yourself! or have a party with the girls.)

12 Days of Christmas: Day 7


day 7, and i’m in a shoe-shopping mood. fo sho. i found this INCREDIBLE pair of boots today that are laser cut, and they fit one calf and not the other (the hazards of having a bad knee i suppose …). so i bought them in the hopes that in the new year i will be able to get this left leg back into muscular shape and be able to wear them like a boss. you know i’ll wear them anyway.

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12 Days of Christmas: Day 2


today is day 2 of the 12 days of christmas, and i couldn’t get very far into this without focusing on shoes. shocker, i know. seeing as i own countless pairs of them. i literally have 2 closets FULL of shoes at my house. i think this probably makes me a horrible person on some level, but then again, shoes almost always still fit.

up first, some affordable options from kmart.

the qupid women’s pamper sherpa short boot in black is not the most attractive looking shoe on kmart’s website, but i think that has something to do with how it’s been photographed. imagine this warm-looking boot on your foot with a pair of black jeggings tucked in and a chic tunic on top with a fantastic obi belt wrapped around your waist, some big chunky rings on your finger and a classic khaki trench on top to protect you from the snow. HELLO. and you can change up the laces to change up the look. these are $37.49. (and kmart has some great shipping offers as well as discount codes going on right now. just click through the photo to get to their site and take advantage.)

unnnnh yes. this is like the perfect foot punctuation for a party look. hell, i’d wear these around the house if i could get away with it. from the platform to the velvet, to the flower, to the mary jane look. this qupid women’s olwyn velvet flower mary jane in black from kmart is workin’ it for all it’s name is worth! it’s on sale for $29.99.

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did you hear that asos is having a 40% off sale on shoes right now? that’s music to this girl’s ears because they have some of the HOTTEST options that i would put into the “affordable” price range. and you know they have free shipping to you and free returns, right? love that. these bad boys have pink, glitter, platforms, bows, and velvet. i can’t decide if these are too much are just right. so maybe i’ll just take advantage of that free shipping deal and order them and see … icon

icon now here’s a shoe that i’m totally, totally sure of. it’s green velvet. it’s an ankle boot. it just looks rich. end of. iconiconicon and i’m pretty into the iconhigh heeled loafer look that i’ve seen recently. these are from irregular choice, which is a brand that we’ve talked about before because i’m obsessed with how weird they are. anyway, there are on sale for $89.99, usually $179.99. come on ladies! almost $100 read more

Netta Covets: What a Weird Boot!


this boot is so strange, but i’m also strangely attracted to it. what would you wear this with?


definitely something simple. totally a dress. they’re by irregular choice, too, one of my faves. i give you the iconIrregular Choice Big Moma Tassled Flat Boots With Faux Fur. got a name on them, too!

xoxo nettaP