All I Want for Christmas


so, what’s on your fashion christmas wish list? here’s mine. well, part of it. cause i’m always wishing for everything when it comes to fashion!

ASOS super wide pants. these would be go-to’s almost every day if they were under my christmas tree. i LOVE a wide pant. and these are made of jersey. wahoo!

these tortoise shell round glasses that flip-up. aka mickey mouse glasses. made stylish by lady gaga.

a gold lame cape! velvet on the outside, gold on the inside. gorgeous.

i’m really into these boots from irregular choice. of course, i can’t decide if i prefer the black or the brown. i think the brown. what do you think?

this jacket from jean marc philippe. very french. huge hood. wool.

i’m totally into this steampunk top hot. i’m not usually really into steampunk, but wouldn’t a tophat be fun to have in your wardrobe? truth be told – i have an amazing closet because whenever i see an item that i feel that way about, i buy it, but i don’t always wear anything. it’s fun to do a photoshoot out of my closet though!

this asymmetric coat from style369 is snazzy with the big buttons.

cedar duo boots in size 39 and calf-size 43. duo boots does custom size calf width, which means you KNOW your boots will fit. HOT.

i’d also love to see rachel roy items in plus size. i dream of this hot pink jumper in my size. dream.