Street Style: Paige from the G Train


i see ladies with fantastic style all the time on my commutes to and from work. today was no exception. i’ve decided to be bold and start approaching some of them to snap their pictures. i feel a little bit creepy following them as quickly as i possibly can but not too closely until we get outside. it would be weird to ask them before i get off the train, right? i want to get them in the best light possible (which would be outside).

Flickr Fatshion Shot of the Day

hey y’all! i’m starting a new feature. the flickr fatshion shot of the day! i’ve always gotten lots of great style ideas from flickr and from the fashion groups and communities that abound. i’ll be bringing you one of my faves on a regular basis!

this is an attempt at getting ME to participate more AND to get YOU to participate more. i want to see what you’re wearing out there, too!

we’ll kick this off with the master of makin the daily flick look amazing – ms. tangled up in lace herself:

mosy on over to her flickr page featuring this photo to leave her a comment or to get more info on her outfit.

xoxo nettaP