Halloween Costumes!


OMG y’all. i LOVE, love halloween. i’ll be working on halloween in l.a. on the o music awards (love my job!), but i’ll still be wearing a costume. i picked some faves in the video below that appeared on coco perez recently.

here are my current loves: Bumble Bee Costume

bumble bee costume from torrid! adorable!

Flight Attendant Costume

or maybe you’d like to be a flight attendant?

Miss Mouse Costume

or perhaps a little mousey action?

if none of these float your boat, take a peek in the shop and see what else you might see!

xoxo nettaP


Plus Size Fashion Round Up – Oct 19 2010


here’s the second edition of the plus-size fashion roundup! i’ve gone through the fatshion blogs and pulled together a short 4 minute video that includes the hottest of what was published over the past week. enjoy!

here’s a list and links to all the featured items:

even more reasons to love sesame street – “i love my hair” from afrobella willow (that’s will smith’s daughter) with “whip my hair” on youtube save the show “huge” – petition and facebook group fur [faux] vests from madison plus letters to a young fat girl from manolo for the big girl FAT necklaces from definatalie joy nash‘s “fat rant” from more of this and less of that faith21 is becoming forever21+ from curves and chaos sejour is the new plus size line by nordstrom from curves and chaos check out the ines collection on curves and chaos – ps joy nash totally did an ines giveaway, too! the ultimate halloween product rodeo from chubble bubble nordstrom’s wide width and extended size shoes featured on the curvy fashionista the sweet knit cape modeled by the fatshionista simplybe outwear from my 5 favorite things the simplybe 2010 fall lookbook (and check out the giveaways!) from madison plus retiring crystal renn as a plus size model from manolo for the big girl

as always xoxo nettaP


Halloween Costumes


halloween is coming! and i’m oh-so-excited. i do LOVE halloween. and fall.

so, it’s time to figure out what to dress up as, and there are many, many places to start your hunt. i’ve seen some REALLY cute ones online. $6.95 Flat Rate Shipping On All Orders From SpiritHalloween.com! Offer valid from 10/22/10 to Noon (ET) on 10/25/10.

1 & 2 – if you want to dress up with your sweetie, you might consider going as pirates. both of these are available at SpiritHalloween

3 – i like to cover up a little bit, and i do feel like this has been a crazy year, so this mental patient costume is might appropriate. it’s also available at SpiritHalloween!

4 – i’m also totally into a tribute to michael jackson this year, plus this item is color-blocked, so it will look good on you curvy ladies! i can see it now – cuttin up on the dance floor, “you know i’m bad, i’m bad, ch’mon!” also available at SpiritHalloween.

5 – oh helga. there’s something going on in your chesticle area. i featured this one mainly because i know it will get some looks if you decide to wear it out. and because you can go into the store and try it on in person if you’re in NYC. i think it’s time for a field trip! this one’s available at frank bee costume who’s at 3435 e tremont ave. at bruckner blvd. in the bronx.

6 – for all you harry potter fans (but for those who are a little more grown and sexy than hogwarts, obvs), there’s this wizardy costume. cast a spell on ‘em ladies! this one’s available at SpiritHalloween.

7 – if you’ve got a pet rabbit, this is the costume for you. i’m considering this one, too, mainly because i have a love for petticoats, and my hair’s just long enough to pull off the ‘do without needing a wig. alice may not be in wonderland, but i definitely will be on halloween! also available at SpiritHalloween.

8 – now for many of you that know me personally, you know i’m not that far and not that long out of the south. i grew up in north carolina, and the idea of being a southern belle for halloween sounds kinda romantic. if you can forget about that whole slavery and civil war nasty bit, you could go in this costume and run around slappin’ people and hollerin’ “frankly my dear, i don’t give a damn.” i think that was actually rhett butler’s line, but we know who doesn’t give a damn about who’s line it was. this one can be snagged at frank bee’s in the bronx, too.

9 – if you want a full supply of fruit available to yourself and your party-goers all night, this might be the costume for you. ok, so you’d have to make your own fruit hat, but read more