OSP Collection


the collection by osp (one stop plus) that debuted during new york fashion week is now available for purchase! here are my top picks for spring!

the crepe de sheen lined blazer is $79.99. beware – it’s dry clean only, but it’s in a GREAT color for spring. blazers will definitely pull together an outfit with a maxi dress or skirt, and it would also look fantastic with leggings. a layered look, perhaps?

AND you can get $15 off $50, $25 off $75, $35 off $100 with code OSPCOUPON10 at OneStopPlus today.

this maxi skirt is ALSO in a great color for spring, and it’s a maxi skirt – totally on trend!! this is machine washable, and it’s $119.99. the long & flowing full maxi skirt is a bit on the pricey side, but take a look at the details:

gorgeous! check it out at onestopplus here.

these cargo shorts with adjustable cuffs are $44.99. they’re in a crepe de chine fabric, and they’re perfect for the warmer weather that’s coming! machin wash, you just pull them right on. they’ve also got adjustable cuffs – so you can adjust them to whatever length you’d like!

a spring trend roundup wouldn’t be complete without a sheer item! i like the color of this sheer georgette shirt. you can wear it over a cami, layer it under a blazer with a dress – all kinds of things!

the leather jacket. totally quintessential to the spring wardrobe – especially in the northeast, midwest, or northwestern part of the US where it can still dip in temperature in the evening. this lined leather jacket, which is going for $169.99 is totally crisp, and it’s got some modern detailing with the side zip! love it.

and finally, the crepe de chine pants. a colored pant is GREAT for spring. i’m hoping to see some in PINK somewhere soon, but for now, i will have to be tied over with these lightweight wide leg ones. they can go casual or dress, and at $59.99, they’re reasonably priced!

so, what are you looking forward to this spring? don’t forget to use the $15 off $50, $25 off $75, $35 off $100 with code OSPCOUPON10 coupon when you swing by!

xoxo nettaP


Honeysuckle – Liven Up Your Winter


pantone has announced that honeysuckle is the color of 2011. pairing this with a salmony-red and a creme color will definitely punch up your winter wardrobe.

here’s how you can do this combination:

work this crochet knit top from forever21 + into your wardrobe.

this mosaic knit top weaves honeysuckle, brown, creme, and red all into one top.

similarly, this tunic, from lane bryant, incorporates the trendy shade into a design.

this red trench coat from forever21+ adds another punch to the mix.

wear this button up underneath to work. right on color target, and looks professional.

or, rock this pink dress under the trench. this is a good look for the office and after hours.

try a blazer with this simple knit top from alloy.

pair it with this fluffy pink skirt from alloy.

this color combination is definitely hot, and you’ll be seeing honeysuckle everywhere. what do you hope to see this hue on?

xoxo nettaP