Rain Rain Rain: Lightweight Jackets

free people lace rain jacket light coat

i know that many of you out there in the US are praying for rain (yes … really!) because of the terrible drought going on in the midwestern part of the US. i’ve heard on NPR that it’s causing a whole world of trouble for the farmers and cattle ranchers out there, and my heart goes out to y’all. i heard one farmer say that it’s the worst he’s seen in 40 years – and that’s a lot of farming and cows, a lot of rain, and a lot of experience. to be able to say it’s the worst he’s seen is truly terrifying.

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Stay Warm: Just As You Are

Screen shot 2012-01-19 at 9.28.05 AM

still looking for the perfect jacket this winter season? why not check out just as you are! i have one of the jackets, and i’ve been wearing it, literally, every day since it finally decided to be winter. it’s so warm! i highly recommend them. i review them in the video below on coco perez.

12 Days of Christmas: Day 9

KUT from the Kloth Double Breasted Cape  Plus    Nordstrom

today we’re talking jackets and coats. it might feel like winter’s broken out there, but, rest assured, the cold will be here come february! the holidays and christmas are the best time to update your outerwear, and if you’re shopping for a significant other, it’s a great item to have under the tree. mostly because outerwear can be a little on the expensive side, but also because it’s pretty standard in style, so you’ll probably have an easier time of choosing one that’s fashionable. just in case you want some guidance, i’ve picked out some of my favorites that are out there recently. for more jackets, you can always check out the xoxo nettaP shop.

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Netta Covets: Everything Kimono


i want everything kimono. i want a maxi kimono jacket so bad it hurts. initially i wanted this one from nasty gal, but of course the XL is out of stock and i have little hope that it will be re-stocked.

so i stopped by my next best bet when coveting … asos. and i spotted this number:

icon icon

oh yeah, $469 later and a little shoulder surgery and this baby is all mine. heh.

and then there’s this, which does come in plus, and i do totally want (hello santa!).

it’s from a UK designer called miss lacy.

and i have kimonos like this:

but it somehow just doesn’t feel as cool when i put them on.

will i show up in a kimono near you soon? very likely.

until then …

xoxo nettaP


Just As You Are Jackets


all right ladies. winter time is HERE. it already snowed in NYC, and that could mean snow’lo to you soon, too.

you may have heard about just as you are jacket and coats already. they did an event with plus model magazine here in good ol’ new york city back in september to let us all get to know them a little bit better, but i’ve just now gotten around to really thinking about my outerwear, and i’m thinking you might be in the same boat!

the unique thing about just as you are, what sets them apart from other retailers who sell coats and jackets isn’t just that that’s all they sell, it’s that you give them your measurements, and they choose which jacket will fit you best. that leaves you with a jacket that fits just as the snow hits. HUZZAH!

so, which ones are my favorites from their line? well, let me tell you and share some pics:

this is something they call the accra wrap. the version that’s available on the just as you are website comes with a button, like this version of the jacket seen below:

i prefer the one with the pin. i think it’s super elegant! check out the pin up close:

here it is in a gorgeous red, too:

ok, so let’s move on to some other styles.

this is a jacket they call the aurora, and i think it’s the one i’d like for myself. i’m really torn between this one and the wrap jacket! i also feel that the photography on their website does not do these jackets true justice. i’ve seen them up close and touched them and tried them on … they are worth every penny.

here’s a view inside the angola wrap:

if you’re more of a leather and fur kinda gal, they’ve got the perfect one for you, too.

this is a jacket they call the “alabama.” i don’t think it gets cold enough in alabama to warrant wearing this … but who knows. i don’t care where you live, you’ll look totally fly in this number!

i think i’m going to get a jacket from them, myself, so help me decide which one it should be in the comments below! AND, let me know if you love or hate these.

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