Plus Size Rompers & Jumpsuits


i’ve noticed that a lot of people are visiting xoxo nettaP looking for plus size rompers and jumpsuits. i can totally understand why – they can be so chic, and they’re so easy to throw on, combine with accessories and just go!

so, i thought i’d do a little post with my favorite rompers and jumpsuits that i’ve been eyeing out there. give a shout out in the comments below if you’re here looking for a romper or jumpsuit!

Netta Covets: A New Take on the Romper


the asos curve rope tie jumpsuit/romper is totally cute! i’ve seen a lot of oogly looking jumpsuits out there recently – i mean, it can be a challenge to think of a new way to do it, i guess, but thank goodness asos is here this spring season to turn it out! totally 70′s! love the buttons at the bustline and the elastic and rope belt. would love this with some little sandals, lots of bangles, big hair and big sunglasses. perfect. icon

Let’s Talk About ASOS Baybee


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we should discuss asos and asos curve for a minute. i’ve LOVED asos curve ever since i discovered it on another blog a year or so ago. i HATE that you can no longer easily navigate to asos curve on their website. what’s up with that? has anyone else noticed that? i know i did … but good news. it looks like “curve” has returned to their menu. maybe they got the side-eye from enough people?

anyway, now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about what’s on offer at asos right now that i’m feeling.


this. this jumpsuit is PERFECT for fall. especially if you don’t already have a jumpsuit. it’s got a fitted waistband – so you won’t necessarily have to worry about a belt. it’s pin-tucked fabric, and very, very chic. perfect base for many outfits!

icon icon

now, this tweed coat. you HAVE to go to the asos website and zoom in on it. it is SO, so classy. it’s like the perfect coat for EVERYTHING.

icon icon

the top of this dress is jersey. the bottom half is sequin. this is perfect for holiday or for a date or for, hell, i would totally wear this to the office. what rules?

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YESSSSSSSSSSSS. this dress is so much perfection. when i saw it, i thought exactly what i just said, “YESSSSSSS.” new years eve dress. done and DONE.

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gorgeous. maybe you want to see the front of this dress – it’s also beautiful, but the back. oh the back. i’m ordering this as soon as i’m done with this post.

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what a lovely pair of trouser jeans, no? they’re chic, they go with everything. instantly dressed up pair of jeans!icon


i am regularly seeing women with swing coats that i envy because the only one i’ve seen (UNTIL NOW!) has been in black. what a beautiful blue, though, amirite?

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and let’s stalk about the perfect sweater AND the perfect leggings with a hot faux leather panel down the side.

want to shop more items that i’ve picked out? swing by the xoxonettaP shop!

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CRAZY 70% ASOS Summer Sale


hey you GUYS!! ASOS is having a crazy summer sale. save up to 70% off tons of stuff at the ASOS summer sale!

here are my picks:

HELLO?! the gorgeous jersey bandeau maxi dress in this beautiful orange color is only $25.86. they really are having a crazy sale – it’s usually $51.72+.

this sweet little number – the asos curve playsuit with kimono sleeves is a sweet $29.31. you recently saw this one on marie denee!

i showed you a ton of other picks in a post the other day, but i just thought you would want to know a lot of the pieces are now on mega-sale. what are you waiting for?! free shipping, too!!

xoxo nettaP



Save up to 70% off ASOS Clothing in the Summer Sale.

Summer Sale at Ann Harvey


so i like to introduce you to brands and designers you may not have heard of before. ann harvey is a UK retailer that sells separates and casual pieces in plus and petite sizes. ann harvey is NOT your most fashion-forward retailer, but there are some pieces in there that work.

they’re also holding their yearly summer sale, and i wanted to show you a few of my picks from the store that are currently on sale!

the tile print tunic is probably my favorite out of the pieces that are on sale. it’s versatile in that it could easily be worn to the office, out at night, or casually on the weekends. pair it with trousers, leggings, jeans, or shorts! it’s about $32.79.

the brown andstone printed linen skirt has a really cool tribal print. this would be best paired with an easy cool tank top. maybe a white a-shirt style tank, or even a tank in a really bright color (not neon tho!) this costs about $31.15.

i’m really digging the black jumpsuit and coverup. i think it’s been photographed really poorly, so it’s hard to tell that this IS a jumpsuit, but i like that it’s a jumpsuit with some extra pieces added that look like you’ve got a dress on top. and i love the sheer coverup, if you want that extra coverage. it costs about $73.78.

overall, ann harvey has some really quality pieces for sale. so this is not a “MUST BE SHOPPED” sale, but, for women of a certain age (are y’all out there reading this??), ann harvey may be a retailer they want to become more familiar with. just keep in mind that sizing is a little different in the UK, and if you’re an 18 US like i am, then you’ll want to order a 20 in the UK.

xoxo nettaP