Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Challenge

hey ladies! ok, so you may have seen the videos that i’ve been doing as a part of kiehl’s midnight recovery challenge. if not, here are the first three in the series:

first up – i introduce the 3 products that i’m using as a part of a challenge issued to me by kiehl’s. so what is the kiehl’s midnight recovery challenge, you ask? well – i’m trying out their midnight recovery serum and also a new product that’s meant to refresh your undereye area, over the next 28 days to make my skin look “brighter, fresher” and make me look more rested. huzzah!

then … the horror, i discovered a week later that i’d been doing it wrong!

so, how do you put it on correctly? i tell you in the video below:

now, with all that being said. who’s ready for a kiehl’s giveaway? mmhm. shout it out in the comments below!

xoxo nettaP