Shop Kmart’s LYS and Get $5 Award Card


not only does kmart have some great looking styles and prices in their love your style, love your size line, but they also are giving away $5 kmart award cards when you order more than $50 worth of merchandise (not limited to just clothing, you can order $50 of anything to get the card!). if you haven’t had a chance to swing by kmart lately and see what they have on offer in plus, i’ve picked out a few of my favorites:

the love your style, love your size pink sequined top will look great going into the holiday season. i would pair this with black flare jeans and some boots, or a little skirt with lots of tulle and thick black tights with … maybe a fur vest if i really wanted to go luxe. and it can be done for the exceedingly affordable price of $12.49!

also: here’s an exclusive online only savings! get $5 off orders of $45 or more with code KMFUN.

maybe you want to do sequins, but you want to do them a little differently than the all over look? then the love your style, love your size women’s sequin tunic dress (which i call the zebra sequin top), is just right for you. i would wear this with pleather leggings … which kmart also happens to have! this number is on sale for $17.49.

i’ve been on the warpath recently searching for the perfect pleather leggings. perhaps these are going to be in my future? i don’t know why kmart calls these the love your style, love your size women’s plus PRINTED legging … they don’t look printed to me, but the description says they’re actually stretch-knit and have an all-over silvery sponged finish. so maybe these are actually scary IRL? they’re $9.99, so you won’t be setting yourself back if you were to try them.

obvi, you’re going to need something on top to stay warm in this ensemble. enter the love your style, love your size women’s plus ruffle suede jacket. i don’t see any ruffles on this … but we’re gonna go with it because this looks warm and inviting and cozy. not to mention much more expensive than it’s $49.99 price tag.

we’re topping this entire little outfit off (or i guess punctuating it) with a pair of little berry platforms. omg i’m in love with it! yes! these are $29.99, and if it’s cold outside, you best be wearing a little slim trouser sock with it so your feet don’t fall off, ya heard?

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FFFWeek Review: Part 1

ok, so much like my review of the curvy revolution in vegas, i’m going to give you my honest opinion on FFFWeek. before i do, i want to say thank you to gwen and her entire team for all the hard work they put into this event after hours and all the sweat and tears. i think that they have a lot to be proud of, and i’m looking forward to seeing how FFFWeek grows and changes in the next few years.

i’m going to go backwards in my review and talk about the runway finale show first.

if you want to see a ton of pictures from the event, rich lew took some great shots, and they’re up here. there are some more shots up here, as well.

shanda freeman was a great host, and i felt that the backstage interviews they did with designers before the clothes came down the runway was an interesting way to introduce the lines. there were some technical difficulties that i felt could’ve been worked out before the show with the lights interfering with the video feed, but hopefully that will get worked out before next year!

there were then some slam poets and some dancers that came on. i won’t be critiquing the poetry or the dancing skills, but it was nice to have a bit of entertainment! i must confess, i totally wanted to be on that stage dancing with them.

the first notable pieces to come down the runway that really stood out from what you normally see for plus size fashion were from curvysta. not all of them were my style, but i can really appreciate that this collection had a tone and a theme. thank you to curvysta for producing a collection that was cohesive and made sense. my favorites?

i loved this cape, and i loved the fascinators that came down the runway with this collection.

i also felt like this was a really classy look. something i totally might wear. there was also a sequin cocktail dress that caught my eye.

another collection in black, i felt like the queen grace collection had some interesting things going on with it. like this dress with the sequin peekaboo:

i found it very interesting that there were some boutiques there showcasing what’s available in their stores, as well, instead of just designers showcasing their pieces. curvaceous boutique in va beach stood out with some gorgeous evening gowns and maxi dresses. catch those photos here and here. not sure about the shorts and wife beater that came down the runway first though …

kmart was a pleasant surprise, as well. they’ve been really bringing it with their love your size, love read more

Kmart Love Your Style, Love Your Size Review


the folks at k-mart were very kind enough to send me some pieces from the LYS collection to review, and i’ve tried them all on. here are two of the pieces that i tried:

they also sent a 3rd piece, but it really, really didn’t fit. the LYS line is definitely for women with an ample bosom. it’s not for us plus-size fashionistas who are a C-cup or smaller because there is just WAY too much fabric up there for some of the pieces to even make any sense for us. i did come up with a quick fix by using some sticky fashion tape. so if you just LOVE one of these pieces and must have it, then sticky tape will be your friend!

i LOVE the shorts that they sent. there’s plenty of room in the crotchal area, which, when you’re plus-size can very often be a challenge. no one wants to be walking around with weird things going on with the leg of their shorts. these are really comfy, and i love the sparkly gold band on the waist.

this is the dress that i was not long enough for in the top:



score the super adorable romper here:

and the shorts here:

all in all, i totally and completely respect what kmart is trying to do here. so mucho kudos to them for creating pieces that are super stylish for plus-sizes. it just so happens that their fit model is proportioned much differently from me, which happens sometimes! :) again, the shorts were awesome. regular rotations in my wardrobe for sure.

xoxo nettaP


Armchair Shoppin!

i really want to go shopping today, but i really don’t need to. so, i’ll be armchair shopping from here, and hopefully you’ll see some pieces you like and tally forth and shop for me? whaddaya say? i know i’ll be hitting the beach as soon as the weather will allow, and here’s what i’ll be wearing for the ride down – from my coverup (which means i’ll be ready to party in the area as soon as leaving the beach) to my shoes (which will totally show off my fresh outta winter pedicure stylee!), i am SO excited to pull out my spring time pieces.

Black Challis Faux Snake Belted Jumperso, things are actually starting to warm up around here! and that means it’s time to break out the rompers! this one, from torrid, has pockets. pockets are always a win, especially if you’re going to the beach or are going to be away from the house all day. it’s got a smocked waist and and elastic back and cuffs – so it’s safe to order without trying on. and that snake belt? it’s included. 5% off for shopping from THIS LINK.

Toya Olive Perforated Lace-Up Wedge Bootie (Wide Width)now, let’s talk about what you’ll be wearing with this jumper. these bad boys, also from torrid, are clear knockoffs of last season’s jeffrey campbell mary rocks. BUT, they’re on sale for $39.99, and i’ll definitely still be rocking this same style this spring. they are mad comfy and they look great with everything from jeans to crop pants to dresses to rompers and skirts and tshirts. batter up – get the toya perf lace up wedge bootie. even comes in wide width. hiyah!

Black and Nickel Faux Leather Wide Beltnow here’s a belt i’ve had my eye on for awhile. i totally believe that belts are important to any curvy girl’s wardrobe. seriously – they can bring a whole outfit together and make it look like you really put some thought into it. even if you’ve just thrown a sweater on over top of a tshirt and some leggings and thrown on some wedge heels. SRYLY! anyway back to this belt. i’ve not seen a belt like this made for plus-size yet, so i’m hoping to swing by a torrid sometime soon to try one out. this bring the waist cinching look to an outfit without having to get all buckled into an actual waist cincher or corset. again – 5% off at this link! booyow. i would totally wear this with the jumper to bring the look together for read more

Plus Size Round Up – Feb 24, 2011

better late than never right?

i’m a little late with the round up again this week, but i’ve been so busy pulling together photos from the last week that it’s no surprise! here’s the round up for the week:

1. monique’s curvy revolution coverage – curves & chaos

2. my review of the curvy revolution – xoxo netta P

3. one stop plus fall fashion show – the curvy fashionista

4. flare leg jeans – stylish curves

5. levi’s supreme curve – the curvy fashionista

6. k-mart’s love your style love your size line, video with fluvia lacerda and maddy figueroa – the curvy fashionista

7. rafaella’s new looks – madison plus

8. vera wang for david’s bridal – the curvy fashionista

9. lena hoschek – xl as life

10. how to style a black maxi dress – curves and chaos

11. alyssa’s OOTD, grey asos jumpsuit and sequin blazer – stylish curves

12. jay miranda’s amazing blush tulle skirt – fatshionable

13. natalie’s maxi skirt – definatalie

14. gold number on gabi – young fat and fabulous

see ya next week y’all.

xoxo nettaP