Bras for Smaller Cupped Plus Size Ladies

Damaris Petite Bra Plus Size

**Editor’s Note: A reader pointed out that the Flatter Me Bra does NOT accept returns. I noted, incorrectly, in the video that I thought they did accept returns. Again, the Flatter Me Bra folks to NOT accept returns.

I talked about being a member of the smaller titty committee previously over on The Curvy Fashionista in this post. Now, I’m talking about it on video on Coco Perez. In the video in this post, I talk not only about the Flatter Me Bra, which was designed for plus size women with smaller cup-needs initially, but I also talk about some other options out there available for those of us who wear a cup size that’s smaller than a D. Is this an issue that you’ve been through?

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Netta Covets: Animal Print Back Top

Screen Shot 2012-07-16 at 10.19.33 AM

so earlier this week, i was coveting animal print skinny jeans, now i’m coveting an animal print top. this is not just your regular animal print top, though, look how unique it is. here, just take a look at the back.

it’s like this little surprise back there when you turn around. it’s a little bit sheer, so i think you’ll have to wear a little something underneath it, or maybe with just a black bra if you’re feeling sassy! (i would totally rock this with just the bra … just not to the office, although i have totally accidentally rocked something sheer to the office before and failed to put a tank underneath. but that’s a story for another post.)

Netta Covets: Leopard Print Jeans


i mean … do i really need to tell you why i’m coveting these? they’re leopard print slim fit jeans!! the print is really great, as well, because it looks like they’ve tried to place the leopard print so it’s actually slimming to the eye. i think these would be cutest with heels, like they have them styled here. i think you could wear these on a date with a white tank and black blazer and be the sassiest thing on the block, for sure.

lane bryant genius fit jeans


i’ve tried on jeans for you from lane bryant before, and i own, gosh, probably 40 pairs of jeans. some of them are more comfortable than others, some are better quality than others. some fall down throughout the day. some make my booty look fabulous. some make me look like i’ve got a kangaroo pouch.

so far, these are the most comfortable jeans i’ve put on in a long time. however, i’m surprised that i’m wearing a size 20, because i normally wear an 18 in lane bryant jeans. so keep that in mind if you order these online. i understand that the genius fit collection is being tested out in 40 stores, and they’re available online, as well.

Qrystal Frazier Collection at Lane Bryant


maybe you caught the episode of all on the line with joe zee that i appeared on with a ton of other plus size fashion industry ladies that i know. well, qristyl frazier’s collection, which came out of her working with joe zee on that show and taking into account our feedback, has finally come out at lane bryant.

a few months ago, there was an event at lane bryant at their flagship location in brooklyn to celebrate the release of the line. i’m so glad that i got to attend, and here are some pictures from the event.