Netta Covets: Everything Kimono


i want everything kimono. i want a maxi kimono jacket so bad it hurts. initially i wanted this one from nasty gal, but of course the XL is out of stock and i have little hope that it will be re-stocked.

so i stopped by my next best bet when coveting … asos. and i spotted this number:

icon icon

oh yeah, $469 later and a little shoulder surgery and this baby is all mine. heh.

and then there’s this, which does come in plus, and i do totally want (hello santa!).

it’s from a UK designer called miss lacy.

and i have kimonos like this:

but it somehow just doesn’t feel as cool when i put them on.

will i show up in a kimono near you soon? very likely.

until then …

xoxo nettaP