Fall 2012 Color Trends: Ultramarine Green in Plus Size

Soprano Plus Size Dress Short Sleeve Ruched Gathered Empire

We’ve been talking about the fall 2012 color trends, and I’ve been hunting down different pieces for you in these trendy colors in plus size. If you missed my first post in the series on rhapsody, which is a sort of pastel purple shade, you can check it out here. I really like the Ultramarine Green shade – it’s a blue green shade that I think is wearable for a lot of different skin tones, and it goes well with gold and brown – both shades that make you feel like fall. Click “Read More” to see all of the pieces that I found in this shade!

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Plus Size Work Outfits from Nordstrom


nordstrom is having their huge anniversary sale on nordstrom.com, which i’m sure you’ve heard by now. this is an excellent excuse for me to put together some work looks for you. nordstrom and bloomingdales are my favorite stores to shop in when trying to put together super professional outfits. if you work in the corporate world, now is the time to hit up these two retailers to get some staple pieces for your work wardrobe. you can keep it sexy, curvy, and professional if you’re wearing well-made pieces. the anniversary sale at nordstrom is a SPECIAL sale because it is like bloomingdale’s pre-sale. that is, these are the new items for fall, which go on sale before fall even gets here. this way, you can get prepared for fall at sales prices. these pieces will go up in price on august 6 – so it’s crucial that you snag these now so you can have them for the season!

here are some anniversary sale looks that you can shop at nordstrom.com now!

My Girls on City Chic!


several of my favorite plus size fashion bloggers were featured on City Chic in City Chic clothing recently in their blogger lookbook, including my boo Monique from Curves and Chaos!

you can swing by City Chic and see the rest of the bloggers (real ladies!) wearing City Chic clothing, and, while you’re there, check out these looks that i LOVE!

the rib trim leatherette jacket is HOT!

as is this animal print kaftan.

and OMG this dress! it also comes in a version with a blue bottom and a leopard bottom.

the military ponte dress is the perfect silhouette.

and last, but not least, this vinyl insert skirt is sass. SASS!

xoxo nettaP



Let’s Talk Lane Bryant Jackets for Fall


ladies! fall is definitely here for some and seriously peeking around the corner for others. i just checked the forecast for the next 7 days and low low 70′s/high 60′s here we come! i’m officially ready for boot weather and for upper lip sweat weather to get OUTTA HERE.

with all that being said, lane bryant was kind enough to send your girl some jackets to try out for fall! so, i’ll be showing them off in a video on coco perez in the next few days (keep your eye peeled for that!). in the meantime, i wanted to give you a look at what lane bryant has on offer in this department. i’m so excited to share with you that there are some fly options.

this is their take on the trench coat this time around. i’m excited to see that ruffle!

this is what they’re calling the asymmetric zipper cape. i’m calling it super duper fly. i’m so glad that lane bryant has caught onto the cape trend (which totally started last year, IMO, so they’re a little late to the game), but like i said, i’m glad to see them in it. i really like the material of this cape, too. can’t wait to show this one to you on ME.

the terry anorak jacket is going to be one of those pieces that’s perfect for running around on the weekend. mmhm. just throw it on over a nice white tee and some dark wash jeans with some cute flats and a little necklace and cuff. yes ma’am!

HOLD THE PHONE. lane bryant made a PINK jacket in a moto style?! i wish this had been amongst the jackets they sent me to try on for you because your girl has always wanted a pink jacket. alas … we weren’t meant to be together this time around. maybe this one’s for you though?

now, i’m sorry to hit you over the head with fly 2 pictures in a row, but you’re really getting to the meat of this post. you can tell even by looking at the model’s face in this photo that she knows this jacket is fly, i know it’s fly, and you know it’s gonna look fly on you. i’m SUPER stoked that lane bryant did send this one for me to try on.

i like this ponte knit flyaway jacket, too. this could work as your “office jacket” for all your corporate ladies who work at an office that gets ridiculously cold. even when it’s cold outside they have the a/c blasting! i see you!

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Win $100 Lane Bryant Gift Card – Vote for Me!

Runway Glam Bra

i was very lucky, indeed, to be a part of the lane bryant blogger conference at full figured fashion week. that means i got to see what’s coming from the retailer in the fall, and i got an exclusive sneak peek at the couture bra they’re producing in limited edition with swarovski crystals! oo la la.

vote for me here, and then leave a note on the blog post saying that you voted. (comments are fixed – sorry about that!) if i win, then you’ll be entered to win a $100 gift certificate from lane bryant!

that means, you should tell your friends to vote for me, too, and increase the chances of your winning the gift certificate!

now … on to what’s coming from lane bryant!

there is new technology coming in their jeans called T3. that stands for tighter tummy technology, and what that means is that the jeans have a built-in control panel that has a slimming effect. it’s a mesh control panel that’s made out of heavy duty nylon and spandex, and it not only flattens the tummy, it’s also really comfortable. how do i know? i tried a pair on, and i tried on their current jeans, and i definitely felt all tucked in when i put on the T3 jeans. i wish the pockets were higher, however, because i felt like the pocket placement gave me saggy booty.

Trying on new jeans from Lane Bryant

so – right fit v. t3 jeans? the jury is still out for me. we’ll see how well the t3 jeans hold up compared to their right fits. i am excited to report that there’s much less gapping going on in the waist band. YAY! they’re available in stores now in denim and classic-fit trousers in black, charcoal grey, brown herring bone and charcoal berry stripe. have you tried it?

learn more about the t3 technology in this video. lots of people report being in love with this fit! lane bryant was also so kind to give me the jeans that i tried on, that pink cami that i’m wearing, AND a $50 gift card. i feel like there is some serious receptiveness going on between the brand and the blogging community.

ok, so let’s talk about fall 2011 trends now. lane bryant is going a little edgier with the leather jacket with pink lining, and i’m happy to report that they are incorporating some fresher trends into their new looks. i love the purple burst pin that’s on the cardigan, and the charcoal ruffle twill jacket. word on the street is that the feather burst pin also goes in your hair. oo la la. check out the gallery below for all the photos.

[nggallery id=8]

oh, and did you see the studded leather jacket?! please make that be available in your stores lane bryant. please!!

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