In-Store Shopping: Forever21+


I showed you what I found at Lord & Taylor while at the mall in New Jersey earlier this week hunting down Labor Day sales for plus size ladies … now I’ll show you what I found in Forever21. And man … did I hit the jackpot in there! From silken-type pants (totally not silk) that look like someone’s fancy-ass pajamas to a bad-ass leather jacket with spikes on the shoulders, Forever21 had something for every type of ass.

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Netta Covets: Raspberry Animal Print Cross Front Dress

Raspberry Plus Size Animal Print Cross Front Dress from Alexon

This is a great dress for the fall season. It’s animal print, which is totally going to be everywhere this fall and winter, and it’s office appropriate without being too boring. I would say this is the perfect dress to throw on for Friday at the office with some black tights and black booties. What say you? You could put a blazer on top, too, if you get cold at the office or need more coverage due to the changing weather. This one will totally go into night, as well. Particularly if you have an after-work event to get to with cocktails and cuties.

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Netta Covets: Leopard Print Jeans


i mean … do i really need to tell you why i’m coveting these? they’re leopard print slim fit jeans!! the print is really great, as well, because it looks like they’ve tried to place the leopard print so it’s actually slimming to the eye. i think these would be cutest with heels, like they have them styled here. i think you could wear these on a date with a white tank and black blazer and be the sassiest thing on the block, for sure.

12 Days of Christmas: Day 1


so i know the 12 days of christmas TECHNICALLY don’t even start until christmas day, but, by that time, it’ll be too late to get these gifts for the lady in your life who loves fashion. so, we’re getting a start now, and we’ll lead up all the way to christmas eve (for those who can get away with giving their gift a little late).

let’s talk about jackets first. these are going to be crucial to your work wardrobe in the new year, right? because i KNOW that you’re going to climb that ladder in the coming new year, you’re gonna need some smokin’ hot blazers.

this jacket from city chic is just that, chic. it’s a ponte knit, which means it’s got a little bit of stretch, and that color is gorgeous.

loving this tipped edge blazer by simplybe. it will instantly make an outfit professional and pulled together. i think this would be fantastic with black tights and a skirt, as well as your more traditional pantsuit.

this leatherette jacket from city chic is super sexy. it’s great for fridays at the office or for just kicking your outfit up a notch (or 5). yowza. oh, and it’s lined with leopard print.

and, speaking of leopard print, this velvet leopard print jacket, also from city chic, is versatile. whether you’re in a t-shirt and jeans or leather paneled skirt (hello!), this brings sexy detail to your look. just add a necklace.

this chanel-inspired tweed jacket is spot on, so timeless. it’s for those with advanced style, or for those who haven’t quite figured out their style because it’s so easy to throw it on over basics and go. it’s got all the detailing you need. a must-have. this is from newport news, and it’s available only in misses sizes (which go up to 18, but not 18W), so be careful and look at their sizing chart when you order. icon

joan rivers touch of sparkle sequin blazer. now i have some qualms about calling this a “touch” of sparkle, but … yeeesssssssaaahhhhhs. a sequin blazer. this is just a closet staple. whether it’s for work or for new years eve, i love it. you need to have it. and it happens to be on sale right now. i’m just sayin.

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Why Can’t This Kimono Be Mine?


ok, so we recently went over how obsessed i am with the kimono right now. and then i looked at this month’s plus model magazine. (which you should do if you haven’t already. it’s getting better with every issue, no lie.) and i saw this:

omg. PERFECT, i thought. not to mention that new look is incredibly affordable and now ships to the US. YAY. but then i get to the website and i see this:

there’s no where to select a size. and at new look. that usually means it’s SOLD. OUT. tragical! i guess this aztec knitted kimono and i just aren’t meant to be together … but seriously. if you look at that page, do you see any sizes available? let me know!!

i figured while i’m on their website, i might as well poke around and see what else they have that might make my heart flutter. here’s what i found:

this cable knit skirt. also on sale. still available in a few select sizes. would look incredible with black tights and a basic blouse and blazer and little flats at the office. mmhm, yes it would.

and a tunic dress perfect for going over some black leggings, with a pair of knee boots, a pocketbook with a chain going through the strap, and with perhaps a different belt. yeah, leggings can be pants if your tunic is long enough. stop hatin’.

i’m also newly in love with these perfect aztec print leggings. i’m not sure why. perhaps i still have some longing leftover from not being able to have the aztec print kimono sweater, and i’m channeling it into desire for these leggings. i don’t know. i do know they remind me of these leggings that jessica simpson has designed for tweens. see where you can purchase those for your hella stylish tween here. seeing as j-simps and sis designed those for tweens, perhaps i’m too old for these. but that’s a rule i’ve never followed … at least not well. *burns rule book*

and now for an OMG, what?! moment.

in case there’s the small chance that you’ve ever woken up thinking, “gee. you know what would really do it for me? leopard print pants.” i mean, admittedly, i had a pair of leopard print pants when i was in middle school/high school, and i thought they were the most awesome thing ON THE PLANET. so i’m not throwing too much side eye, but i think i might look better in this today (and maybe a little less like the crazy person i actually am):

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