12 Days of Christmas: Day 5


so far we’ve talked about blazers, shoes, dresses, and jewelry (statement necklaces) for the holidays and christmas. so you should have a full outfit by now, right? well, i’ve chosen my holiday outfit out, so i’m moving on to other things on my wish list. which, is very long and very expensive. after all, i have been regularly called the girl who has everything. so, this year, i’ve told everyone what i want on wishpot. which definitely takes some of the surprise out of opening my gifts, but it means that i really like everything i’ve gotten. i like the giving the perfect gift part better, anyway. and, of course, i bought myself some things this christmas, too, because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t ALWAYS do that while christmas shopping?

ok, on to THE LIST!

number 1 is this totally awesome electric bike that i’m hoping to use for commuting purposes in the new year. i’m going to have to bundle up significantly on the way, i’ll probably be wearing my hair in a bun due to helmet hair constantly, and i’m going to have to figure out a system for rain and snow, but man, i am so excited about this i could just pop.

introducing … the flykly modern.

it’s technically a bike, because it doesn’t go over 20 miles per hour, and it has pedals. so that means that i can ride it like a scooter or pedal like a pauper. we all know that i will most likely be gunning that throttle to go up and down hills, but after my test drive with my messenger bag slung over my shoulder yesterday evening, i think i will do at least a little bit of peddling. it’s cold out there, and peddling will definitely warm up the soul. i’ve also got a contingency plan to cheat and ride the ferry across the water if i need to. and a friend of mine mentioned that i’m going to appear to be a delivery food driver on this thing, but i really don’t care that much. i think it’s fly, and even though i have a history of loving new toys for two weeks and abandoning them, i insist that i’m just trying things out until i find the one that’s right for me. so, there. it’s not indecision, it’s an ability to see the possibilities. and i find myself and my attitude very refreshing thank you very much.

other thoughts: she’s gonna need a name folks. can you help me here? clearly my new toy is a girl. and i think i’ll have sean-paul paint her a bit with some kind of design. so i’m looking for some inspiration here. i’m thinking my logo, for starters, and some other cute, hand-drawn cartoony type things that remind me of things i love. thoughts here?

so, now that i’ve fully talked myself into this recent purchase, let’s move onto item number read more