rachel pally white label spring summer 12 [plus size]



rachel pally is really bringing us some beautiful pieces for spring/summer 2012. i’m going to have some serious problems keeping my wallet in my pocketbook, i don’t know about you! if i end up with this wrap ruffle dress (which i’m pretty sure i will!) … then i will let y’all know how it fits on someone who’s not quite as voluptuous as the beautiful model they’ve chosen for the look book.

Fancy Dresses for Plus Sizes


this video was originally published on coco perez, and it was meant to help plus size girls find prom dresses. i was really excited to post this on xoxonettaP, however, prom time has come and gone! i’m thinking, tho, that some people might still be looking for a fancy dress, and some of the dresses are so fabulous, i just can’t but help share this video!

prom dresses for plus sizes

where to get these dresses and more? right here on the xoxonettaP shop!

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Beach Chic


i’m off to a charity gala tonight for dress for success. not familiar with dress for success? they’re a non-profit organization that provides interview suits, confidence boosts, and career development assistance to low-income women. they’re active in over 75 cities, and i really believe in their mission wholeheartedly.

the theme of the gala is beach chic, which is a lot harder to pull off than it sounds! especially as a new yorker who dresses in black unless she’s actually ON the beach. how does one dress up … while still looking beach appropriate? i tried on just about everything in my closet that is even remotely appropriate, and here are some of the ideas that i came up with!

the casual beach chic look is pretty easy to pull off. you just need a floral maxi dress, a tiered maxi dress, a wedge of some sort – cork or something natural, and maybe a fancy floppy hat to top it off. you could even get away with wearing flat sandals with this if you were actually going to say a beach wedding or something of that nature. a lot of these items can be found in the xoxo nettaP shop!

some folks are a little more into pants, and that’s totally ok! if you’re going to a beach chic gala and it’s not quite beachy outside yet (like here in NYC), then pants might be a better option. take your jacket off once you get inside, and voila! beach chic! a statement necklace can really dress up this look, too. and i love the idea of doing it with a ruffled top.

if you’re gonna get REALLY fancy, then you need to fancy up your accessories, too, and go for a shoe that’s more of a solid look. these all-cork-look wedges would work great because they’re understated. the black heels from kate spade are not too fancy, but they bring the color combo all together with the bauble on top. i’d carry a raffia clutch or, if you need a strap, something like this one made of straw.

there are LOTS of options for a beach gala, and if you don’t have these items already in your wardrobe – you can easily purchase one piece that can be worn over and over again to these types of summer events. most of these items can be found in the xoxo netta P shop. if you’re looking for some fancy floppy hats – there’s a post coming on that soon, too!

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