so, the other day, i let you know that asos is having a pretty crazy 70% off sale. today, i show you my “do you dare to wear” picks. it IS a new decade ladies. why not try something completely different?

leather bib with pair of beetles. $58.62

oversized silk corsage – this also comes in grey/charcoal (but that one’s not on sale). i wear something similar to this in my hair for big events! $38.79

spiky gem fascinator. $8.62 – also a steal.

grey sequin shoulder neckpiece. $43.10

black fringed shoulder piece. for the truly daring! $212.91 (and for those with some extra cash)

gold micro spike hoop earrings. $155.16

sequin fascinator with quill. $10.34

silk petals shoulder neck piece. $47.41

fantasy fur cape. $46.55

house of holland sunglasses. $103.44

mongolian muffler. $46.55

xoxo nettaP