12 Days of Christmas: Day 7


day 7, and i’m in a shoe-shopping mood. fo sho. i found this INCREDIBLE pair of boots today that are laser cut, and they fit one calf and not the other (the hazards of having a bad knee i suppose …). so i bought them in the hopes that in the new year i will be able to get this left leg back into muscular shape and be able to wear them like a boss. you know i’ll wear them anyway.

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12 Days of Christmas: Day 4


no holiday is complete without a little jewelry underneath the tree or around your neck, right?

i’m absolutely in LOVE with big statement necklaces at the moment. like this one by betsey johnson at macy’s. the bead and fireball necklace will have you looking like you’re all wrapped up like a gift!

you’ve probably been party to the collar trend that we’ve seen all over the place. collars are totally in – on top of what you’re wearing, with a strapless or lower cut top, just … everywhere. i love that asos has made it easy to do this trend with jewelryicon.

icon affordable, too, $21.82.

i’ve also seen a lot of necklaces out there there look like they’re scarves, but they’ve got incredible sequins and beading added to them. one example is this piece called the le charlot necklace by roarke. icon

this piece is definitely for those with a little more change in their pocket, but i feel pretty sure that we’ll see less expensive version out there very soon. this would pack a punch with any outfit, however.

i like this red spike necklace from kenneth jay lane, too. it’s in the more affordable range at $80. it’s for those days that maybe you want to tell people to stay back or that you’re sharp in mind and body. love a good piece of costume jewelry like this.

also on my LOVE THAT list of fabulous statement necklaces that will dress up any little black dress you may have is this anne klein necklace with hematite-tone jewels.

if you’ve got a colored dress that’s plain, and it needs a little jazzing up, then this piece from fossil will be right up your alley. it’s almost like a bib necklace, but it’s sticking to the basics. the neutrals of jewelry, if you will.

last, but certainly not least, is this HUGE statement of a necklace from the women’s st. john collection. it’s a limited edition crystal bow statement necklace that is just TO DIE FOR.

it’s so large, so detailed, so decadent, it’s almost too much. it’s also $595, which is definitely too much for me. but hey, perhaps for you? who knows?

if you want to see all of the jewelry and accessories that i’ve found across the web, check out my accessories shop right here on xoxonettaP!

until next time ladies, xoxo nettaP


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Flickr Fatshion Shot of the Day


love this outfit from pearls, lace and ruffles. check out all of her shots on her flick stream here.

xoxo nettaP


Winter Time Work Looks


it’s a challenge to stay warm on the way to work, look stylish at work with all those layers, and oh gosh – what if your office is BLAZING hot with the heat turned on high? just HOW do you stay stylish when it’s cold outside and as hot as fire in your office? here are a few looks that i recommend.

1. abby z trousers – these abby z trousers are great because they have a WIDE flat waistband. they won’t roll down and fall off, and they’ve got a slightly flared leg – to balance you out. they’re cut so that you can easily move, but you’ll look like you’re in charge with them on.

2. this top from catherine’s, the flames of paradise tunic, actually comes with a necklace. luckily – you can lose the necklace and go for some bolder jewelry. you can easily throw a sweater on top of this before putting on your overcoat.

3. this ruffle cardigan by DKNY jeans would look GREAT the pull this outfit together. then …

3. accessorize with this belt on top of the sweater, or lose the sweater and use the belt to cinch the tunic in at the waist.

4. wear some tights underneath your trousers for the commute. when you get to work, if it’s hot, slip by the bathroom and lose the tights until it’s time to go home!

5. throw some boots on underneath, and keep a pair of flats in your bag for work. i used to keep a few pairs at work, and some heels, too, just in case.

6. top it all off with a down coat. this one from land’s end has a belt – again, to keep you lookin stylish even though you’re wearing a puffer coat! it comes in sizes up to 3x. and, don’t worry city girls – it comes in several other colors other than ivory. (ranging from grey to black).

7. this necklace from target is a STATEMENT y’all. and it’s only $14.

8. try on this statement ring from aldo, and wear it on your pointer finger for that gossip girl look.

9. keep it classy with a pearl and bead and ribbon bracelet on your other arm. also from aldo, and also a steal at $15.

10. and don’t forget – your hands gotta stay warm on the way TO work. how about these adorable red gloves from aldo?

now, let’s suppose you’re like me, and you just … you hate pants. you hate them. and you wear dresses all the time, but that wind is stinging SO badly. here’s my still safe for work solution. and the extra good thing about this look? it’s great for a party after work, too.

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The Sequin Jacket


i’ve already talked a little bit about sequins. ok, i’ve talked a lot about sequins in the last two months, but i wanted to revisit the topic yet again to talk about how to put together outfits that are appropriate for tons of different occasions and include a sequin jacket or blazer.

the sequin jacket or blazer is the piece to buy for this season if you’re not going to buy anything else because it’s all you need to dress up your little black dress for a holiday party. it’s all you need to dress up jeans and a t-shirt for a night out with the girls. and it will keep you from catching a chill at the movie theatre on a date, at the bar with your sister, or hanging out at your parents’ house with the entire family on christmas afternoon.

this look is perfect for getting into the holiday spirit right after work. change your work blazer to this sequin blazer, and voila – you’re ready for that holiday party. and, if you took my advice about being sure your top coat is large enough to handle a piece underneath, you can just throw your overcoat on top of this before you go out the door. PS – don’t forget the black tights!

sequin blazer

sequin blazer by nettap featuring irregular choice boots

Glitter tank by DKNY JEANS | Lane Bryant $49 – lanebryant.com DKNY Jeans tops »

Black Sequin Blazer 89 GBP – debenhams.com Black blazer »

Jacquard pencil skirt | Lane Bryant $50 – lanebryant.com Jacquard skirt »

Off to See the Wizard Boot $175 – modcloth.com Irregular choice boots »

Womens Couture Pink/Red Feather Pin by White House Black Market $32 – whitehouseblackmarket.com Couture jewelry »

John Lewis Women Frill Driving Gloves, Black/cream 65 GBP – johnlewis.com Cream glove »

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