Mynt 1792 at the Plus Model Magazine Showcase


I had the pleasure of being invited and attending the Plus Model Magazine event that showcased Mynt 1792 on Friday evening here in the city. They showcased some of the updates to the line since Full Figured Fashion Week. I remember seeing the Mynt 1792 line during Full Figured Fashion Week and thinking to myself, “Ummmm. Where’s the rest?” They showed mostly jeans and t-shirts with some other items sprinkled in. I wasn’t really very impressed. I’m glad I went to this showcase, however, because they’ve been doing some additions, and the line has been rounded out a bit. Click “Read More” to see the video and hear my commentary! I also interviewed popular plus size faces like Marie Denee from The Curvy Fashionista and Asia Monet, the newest face of Ashley Stewart to find out what they were wearing!

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Why Can’t This Kimono Be Mine?


ok, so we recently went over how obsessed i am with the kimono right now. and then i looked at this month’s plus model magazine. (which you should do if you haven’t already. it’s getting better with every issue, no lie.) and i saw this:

omg. PERFECT, i thought. not to mention that new look is incredibly affordable and now ships to the US. YAY. but then i get to the website and i see this:

there’s no where to select a size. and at new look. that usually means it’s SOLD. OUT. tragical! i guess this aztec knitted kimono and i just aren’t meant to be together … but seriously. if you look at that page, do you see any sizes available? let me know!!

i figured while i’m on their website, i might as well poke around and see what else they have that might make my heart flutter. here’s what i found:

this cable knit skirt. also on sale. still available in a few select sizes. would look incredible with black tights and a basic blouse and blazer and little flats at the office. mmhm, yes it would.

and a tunic dress perfect for going over some black leggings, with a pair of knee boots, a pocketbook with a chain going through the strap, and with perhaps a different belt. yeah, leggings can be pants if your tunic is long enough. stop hatin’.

i’m also newly in love with these perfect aztec print leggings. i’m not sure why. perhaps i still have some longing leftover from not being able to have the aztec print kimono sweater, and i’m channeling it into desire for these leggings. i don’t know. i do know they remind me of these leggings that jessica simpson has designed for tweens. see where you can purchase those for your hella stylish tween here. seeing as j-simps and sis designed those for tweens, perhaps i’m too old for these. but that’s a rule i’ve never followed … at least not well. *burns rule book*

and now for an OMG, what?! moment.

in case there’s the small chance that you’ve ever woken up thinking, “gee. you know what would really do it for me? leopard print pants.” i mean, admittedly, i had a pair of leopard print pants when i was in middle school/high school, and i thought they were the most awesome thing ON THE PLANET. so i’m not throwing too much side eye, but i think i might look better in this today (and maybe a little less like the crazy person i actually am):

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Plus Model Mag & Me

holiday red pants

oh plus model mag. over the years i have wanted to take clothes from your pages, watched you grow up, watched you mature and change, and i’ve watched your fashion get crazy good. and, last month, you let me grace your pages myself!

did you get a chance to see november’s issue of plus model mag?

want to see what i wore? the pictures are below! i had so much fun not only styling the shoot and picking out all of the clothes at lane bryant, but i also had an absolute blast with the plus model mag team. they are professionals and treated me so well! i want to thank them for helping me to get pictures on film of my fine self in my 20′s so that when i’m 80 i can look back and think, “yes, girlfriend. you worked the mess out of life. and that photoshoot.”

do y’all like the poses? how would you have styled a shoot if you’d won $500 from lane bryant? super, super special thanks to lane bryant for providing the moola to purchase some of these items. (and, of course, i shopped my already super lane bryant-intensive closet, as well).

this is the first time i’ve done a “sexy” look EVER. usually when you see me without pants i’m trying out a bathing suit for you, but i figured, what the heck. i’ve got these ol’ sequin boots laying around. let’s put ‘em to good use! andale!

xoxo nettaP


FNO with Lane Bryant and Big Sexy

IMG_3641 2_RS


ok now that we’ve got that out of the way …

lane bryant’s flagship store in downtown brooklyn at fulton street mall was alive and poppin’ for fashion night out on thursday night.

stay tuned for a video on coco perez where i will review the fall fashion coats and jackets available from lane bryant. i’ll let you know how they fit, and i’ll fill you in on how they’re made. perhaps some tips on what to wear them with, too? they’ve got some seriously fly options available in the store right now. here were my picks:

[nggallery id=9]

i love the jean jacket that they have in stores. i haven’t seen it online, but lane bryant also has a zip front denim jacket and a denim moto jacket that would also look great for fall.

the faux suede bomber jacket by DKNY jeans is HOT. this is going to seriously be a key piece for fall if you go with it!

the ruffle front fleece jacket LOOKS like it’s super fancy, but it’s actually made out of fleece. SUPER comfortable.

last, but not least, is this little number that i spotted back during FFFW and was hoping and praying would make it to production. IT DID! this look, they’re calling it the pieced faux leather moto jacket, but i call it the i’m a bad ass and you want to be my friend jacket. i’ve seen several designers and stores replicate the look of this jacket for the fall season, so it’s going to be the hottest little number in your closet this season. a superstar. seriously … i tried it on already. IN LOVE!

ok so back to the night …

the cast of big sexy was in the house!! and they were certainly looking sexy. they very kindly signed what must’ve been hundreds of autographs, and, naturally, they were all looking smokin’ hot! if you’re not yet watching the show … don’t miss your chance. it’ll be on TLC this tuesday night at 10PM EST.

and lots of ladies were looking really good in their outfits that evening:

[nggallery id=10]

lastly, i’m still hoping to see this red bra that i blogged about a few months ago with the crystals on it. did anyone ever hear if someone got one in real life?

oh, and one other little tidbit. i won a $500 gift certificate and i’m going to be featured in a photoshoot with plus model magazine. !!!

xoxo nettaP


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Plus Size Round Up – July 6 2011


this is the round up! this is my weekly show that details everything that’s gone on in plus size fashion over the last week. below you will find the video as well as the links to all the stories that i discuss!

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7. happy 5th anniversary to plus model magazine! – pmm

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13. lovedrobe dress and we love colors tights – pocket rocket fashion

14. vintage sunglasses that i’d love to date – god’s favorite shoes

see you next week!


xoxo nettaP