FFFWeek Review: Part 1

ok, so much like my review of the curvy revolution in vegas, i’m going to give you my honest opinion on FFFWeek. before i do, i want to say thank you to gwen and her entire team for all the hard work they put into this event after hours and all the sweat and tears. i think that they have a lot to be proud of, and i’m looking forward to seeing how FFFWeek grows and changes in the next few years.

i’m going to go backwards in my review and talk about the runway finale show first.

if you want to see a ton of pictures from the event, rich lew took some great shots, and they’re up here. there are some more shots up here, as well.

shanda freeman was a great host, and i felt that the backstage interviews they did with designers before the clothes came down the runway was an interesting way to introduce the lines. there were some technical difficulties that i felt could’ve been worked out before the show with the lights interfering with the video feed, but hopefully that will get worked out before next year!

there were then some slam poets and some dancers that came on. i won’t be critiquing the poetry or the dancing skills, but it was nice to have a bit of entertainment! i must confess, i totally wanted to be on that stage dancing with them.

the first notable pieces to come down the runway that really stood out from what you normally see for plus size fashion were from curvysta. not all of them were my style, but i can really appreciate that this collection had a tone and a theme. thank you to curvysta for producing a collection that was cohesive and made sense. my favorites?

i loved this cape, and i loved the fascinators that came down the runway with this collection.

i also felt like this was a really classy look. something i totally might wear. there was also a sequin cocktail dress that caught my eye.

another collection in black, i felt like the queen grace collection had some interesting things going on with it. like this dress with the sequin peekaboo:

i found it very interesting that there were some boutiques there showcasing what’s available in their stores, as well, instead of just designers showcasing their pieces. curvaceous boutique in va beach stood out with some gorgeous evening gowns and maxi dresses. catch those photos here and here. not sure about the shorts and wife beater that came down the runway first though …

kmart was a pleasant surprise, as well. they’ve been really bringing it with their love your size, love read more