Skirt It Out

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a lot of ladies probably wore some sequin tops over the holidays. a skirt might be the perfect item for valentine’s day.

loving this tiered skirt from city chic. it’s a little frou frou, lacy, perfect for valentine’s day, and perfect to wear year-round. both leggings and tights would look great under this with flats, as seen in this photo, or bare legged with a pair of boots when spring starts peeking around the corner.

Let’s Talk Lane Bryant Jackets for Fall


ladies! fall is definitely here for some and seriously peeking around the corner for others. i just checked the forecast for the next 7 days and low low 70′s/high 60′s here we come! i’m officially ready for boot weather and for upper lip sweat weather to get OUTTA HERE.

with all that being said, lane bryant was kind enough to send your girl some jackets to try out for fall! so, i’ll be showing them off in a video on coco perez in the next few days (keep your eye peeled for that!). in the meantime, i wanted to give you a look at what lane bryant has on offer in this department. i’m so excited to share with you that there are some fly options.

this is their take on the trench coat this time around. i’m excited to see that ruffle!

this is what they’re calling the asymmetric zipper cape. i’m calling it super duper fly. i’m so glad that lane bryant has caught onto the cape trend (which totally started last year, IMO, so they’re a little late to the game), but like i said, i’m glad to see them in it. i really like the material of this cape, too. can’t wait to show this one to you on ME.

the terry anorak jacket is going to be one of those pieces that’s perfect for running around on the weekend. mmhm. just throw it on over a nice white tee and some dark wash jeans with some cute flats and a little necklace and cuff. yes ma’am!

HOLD THE PHONE. lane bryant made a PINK jacket in a moto style?! i wish this had been amongst the jackets they sent me to try on for you because your girl has always wanted a pink jacket. alas … we weren’t meant to be together this time around. maybe this one’s for you though?

now, i’m sorry to hit you over the head with fly 2 pictures in a row, but you’re really getting to the meat of this post. you can tell even by looking at the model’s face in this photo that she knows this jacket is fly, i know it’s fly, and you know it’s gonna look fly on you. i’m SUPER stoked that lane bryant did send this one for me to try on.

i like this ponte knit flyaway jacket, too. this could work as your “office jacket” for all your corporate ladies who work at an office that gets ridiculously cold. even when it’s cold outside they have the a/c blasting! i see you!

ok so, i know, right? i was surprised to not see the same read more

FFFWeek Review: Part 2

onward! continuing my review of the runway show at FFFWeek 2011. i really didn’t care for the portion of the show with the actress who came on and did a piece on lena bryant. i was embarrassed and thinking, “this is why they don’t take us seriously.” and “who thought it would be a good idea to do this? and oh wow did she just say maternity wear? oh good. glad to know that my favorite retailer got her start as a maternity designer. that doesn’t make me feel bad at all.”

but, enough with my hang ups, perhaps someone enjoyed it! back to the fashion!

lane bryant sent some respectable stuff down the runway. nothing i was bowled over with … oh wait, is that a STUDDED LEATHER JACKET?!

this is the second time we’ve seen this jacket, i believe, and if it doesn’t come to market, i’m going to be pretty upset. such a tease! lane bryant also sent a fair bit of bras and panties down the runway.

i’ve never seen sportswear come down a runway before, but her game 2 sent some looks down the runway. see those photos here.

there is a reason why sweettooth couture is called the betsey johnson of the plus size world. you can definitely see in her pieces where the influence comes from. i loved the top on this dress:

i also liked some of what we saw from ashley stewart. including this bustier and this jacket.

i think this jacket is a big departure from what you normally think when someone says, “ashley stewart.” thank you to ashley stewart for trying new things! and don’t you love that color?

another boutique to show items available in their store was plush boutique, which is in atlanta. see photos here and here.

vikki v showed some classy pieces, but i wasn’t particularly in love with anything, and i didn’t feel like the designs were breaking any molds. see the looks here and here.

margaux kouture was trying some new things, which i appreciate! a lot of ruffles in this collection. and again, i’m loving the mermaid hemlines:

are you still with me? now, you know i love ladan’s closet, and if you don’t know, now you know. they have regularly produced good looking outwear for plus size women, and they should continue doing so! they sent some non outerwear pieces down the runway, but i really feel that their talent is in outerwear. and i still love them for using what is obviously excellent quality fabric and construction. see the photos here.

then, the night ended with a succession of thank you’s to all who were involved. again, i totally understand thanking all the read more

Beach Chic


i’m off to a charity gala tonight for dress for success. not familiar with dress for success? they’re a non-profit organization that provides interview suits, confidence boosts, and career development assistance to low-income women. they’re active in over 75 cities, and i really believe in their mission wholeheartedly.

the theme of the gala is beach chic, which is a lot harder to pull off than it sounds! especially as a new yorker who dresses in black unless she’s actually ON the beach. how does one dress up … while still looking beach appropriate? i tried on just about everything in my closet that is even remotely appropriate, and here are some of the ideas that i came up with!

the casual beach chic look is pretty easy to pull off. you just need a floral maxi dress, a tiered maxi dress, a wedge of some sort – cork or something natural, and maybe a fancy floppy hat to top it off. you could even get away with wearing flat sandals with this if you were actually going to say a beach wedding or something of that nature. a lot of these items can be found in the xoxo nettaP shop!

some folks are a little more into pants, and that’s totally ok! if you’re going to a beach chic gala and it’s not quite beachy outside yet (like here in NYC), then pants might be a better option. take your jacket off once you get inside, and voila! beach chic! a statement necklace can really dress up this look, too. and i love the idea of doing it with a ruffled top.

if you’re gonna get REALLY fancy, then you need to fancy up your accessories, too, and go for a shoe that’s more of a solid look. these all-cork-look wedges would work great because they’re understated. the black heels from kate spade are not too fancy, but they bring the color combo all together with the bauble on top. i’d carry a raffia clutch or, if you need a strap, something like this one made of straw.

there are LOTS of options for a beach gala, and if you don’t have these items already in your wardrobe – you can easily purchase one piece that can be worn over and over again to these types of summer events. most of these items can be found in the xoxo netta P shop. if you’re looking for some fancy floppy hats – there’s a post coming on that soon, too!

xoxo nettaP


Plus Size Round Up – Jan 18 2011

hello hello ladies! an exciting week on the round up. sooo very much going on. from designer collabs to designer duds to designer pigs? this week’s jam jam JAM packed with stuff. voila!

1. H&M’s BiB line is now available in the US – sort of – madison plus

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3. interview with damn you alexis designer megan moir pardy – stylish curves

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6. leopard ASOS dress – pocket rocket fashion

7. 5 outfits to look great in while gaming – dramatis personae

8. the plus weekly – the fat apple

9. amber riley at the golden globes – curves and chaos

10. amber rose at the critic’s choice awards – mia amber

11. gunmetal sequin skirt and colorblocked key hole swimsuit – manolo for the big girl

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13. fat and fabulous stickers – beyond sizes

14. the next fashion editor for french vogue is … plus size? – vogue uk

xoxo nettaP