Shop Kmart’s LYS and Get $5 Award Card


not only does kmart have some great looking styles and prices in their love your style, love your size line, but they also are giving away $5 kmart award cards when you order more than $50 worth of merchandise (not limited to just clothing, you can order $50 of anything to get the card!). if you haven’t had a chance to swing by kmart lately and see what they have on offer in plus, i’ve picked out a few of my favorites:

the love your style, love your size pink sequined top will look great going into the holiday season. i would pair this with black flare jeans and some boots, or a little skirt with lots of tulle and thick black tights with … maybe a fur vest if i really wanted to go luxe. and it can be done for the exceedingly affordable price of $12.49!

also: here’s an exclusive online only savings! get $5 off orders of $45 or more with code KMFUN.

maybe you want to do sequins, but you want to do them a little differently than the all over look? then the love your style, love your size women’s sequin tunic dress (which i call the zebra sequin top), is just right for you. i would wear this with pleather leggings … which kmart also happens to have! this number is on sale for $17.49.

i’ve been on the warpath recently searching for the perfect pleather leggings. perhaps these are going to be in my future? i don’t know why kmart calls these the love your style, love your size women’s plus PRINTED legging … they don’t look printed to me, but the description says they’re actually stretch-knit and have an all-over silvery sponged finish. so maybe these are actually scary IRL? they’re $9.99, so you won’t be setting yourself back if you were to try them.

obvi, you’re going to need something on top to stay warm in this ensemble. enter the love your style, love your size women’s plus ruffle suede jacket. i don’t see any ruffles on this … but we’re gonna go with it because this looks warm and inviting and cozy. not to mention much more expensive than it’s $49.99 price tag.

we’re topping this entire little outfit off (or i guess punctuating it) with a pair of little berry platforms. omg i’m in love with it! yes! these are $29.99, and if it’s cold outside, you best be wearing a little slim trouser sock with it so your feet don’t fall off, ya heard?

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