Fall 2012 Color Trends: Titanium in Plus Sizes

Titanium DKNYC Plus Size Stripe Sweater

Titanium is going to be all over the place for fall. It’s extremely easy to add it to your wardrobe because it’s such a neutral accent color. If you missed the other colors in the Fall 2012 Color Trends series, you can check them out here: Ultramarine Green and Rhapsody. Click “Read More” to check out all the pieces I found in plus size and titanium!

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Netta Covets: Animal Print Back Top

Screen Shot 2012-07-16 at 10.19.33 AM

so earlier this week, i was coveting animal print skinny jeans, now i’m coveting an animal print top. this is not just your regular animal print top, though, look how unique it is. here, just take a look at the back.

it’s like this little surprise back there when you turn around. it’s a little bit sheer, so i think you’ll have to wear a little something underneath it, or maybe with just a black bra if you’re feeling sassy! (i would totally rock this with just the bra … just not to the office, although i have totally accidentally rocked something sheer to the office before and failed to put a tank underneath. but that’s a story for another post.)

Plus Size Indie Designer: Domino Dollhouse – Urban Mermaid Collection


domino dollhouse, domino dollhouse, domino dollhouse! i’ve seen the urban mermaid collection talked about on no less than 5 different plus size fashion blogs in the last few days. designer tracy broxterman is really on to something with this concept. i think every girl, especially when they’re little girls, has a moment where they want to feel like a mermaid. tracy has taken that love for pastels and pretty things and turned it on it’s head, adding a rock and roll flare.

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Sheer Genius: Plus Size OOTD


a little outfit inspiration for you! i love this sheer top from forever21 for the print. i’ve worn it so many times that it’s already got a little snag in it from my rascally dog, but the good thing about a print like this is that it’s really hard to tell! i’ve got this casual look going on for a weekend at the park with friends for a picnic.

Plus Size Office and Work Outfits for Summer


it’s hot outside for many of us these days – nyc has already seen several 100 degree+ days, and that means it can be a challenge to figure out what to wear to work. what do i do? well, i’ve come up with something i like to call the commute suit. i think a lot of people probably have a variation of this, especially if they work in an office that’s freezing and they commute by public transportation where you have no idea if they will even have the air conditioning turned on. anyway – let’s get to the good stuff – the looks!

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