Plus Size Shopping at Bloomingdale’s


bloomingdale’s is hands down one of my most favorite places to shop. almost everything i’ve ever purchased at bloomingdale’s has lasted for years, which is why it’s important to understand the quality you’re getting when you pay a higher price.

another thing to know about bloomingdale’s is that they have phenomenal sales. i even have a sales lady named fanny who pre-sales things for me (as in, they tell me they’re having a sale in a few days, give me the sales price, and then i come back and pick up the items after they go on sale). that’s good service! and that being said, they have REALLY good sales.

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Summer Shopping at Forever21


while getting ready for summer time, i feel that it’s totally important to have some pieces in the mix that are just for fun. they’re not really investment pieces, but you could wear them a couple of times over the summer, look fly, and not worry too much about sweating in them since they weren’t that expensive in the first place. enter … forever21 plus sizes.

netta covets: bodycon striped skirt


forever21 plus has this bodycon striped skirt that will be just perfect this summer. i rock mine with a pair of little bike shorts underneath, and you can have the freedom to act like you’re wearing pants. almost. except you’ll feel like you’re azealia banks switchin down the street in a pair of converse and braided pigtails. or maybe you’ll wear it with a pair of boots and really turn it out. what would you pair this with? i mean for $13.80 … you might as well!

xoxo nettaP

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Sequins for Cheer

IMG_4498 copied_RS

i need a little bit of cheering up. it’s been a rough week at the netta household. but i’ll be darned if i didn’t keep it cute and creative! do you ever have a dress that you just … it’s just not working for you? well, i’ve had this sequin “dress” from forever21 in my closet for awhile. when i first bought it, i thought it was a skirt (it is SO short when worn as a “dress”). but someone kindly informed me when i was talking about it one day that it is indeed supposed to be … a dress. maybe if you wanna show your hoo ha.

anyway. i decided to wear it as a skirt, but it just wasn’t wearing the way i wanted it to. so i threw on my trusty obi belt. every woman, no matter her size, should have this belt in their closet. i wear it over, and over, and over again. no lie. and this is coming from a girl who owns about 35 belts (ok probably more like 45 if i’m being rull honest here).

i decided she looked better as a paper bag waist skirt. what do you think?

and i don’t know why i felt so self-conscious in this outfit. i look HELLA CUTE. probably because people just don’t expect to see you on the train at 8am in full on sequins. whatever. any day is good for sequins, particularly if you’re anticipating a rough one (day, not set of sequins).

[blouse: worthington at jc penney, skirt: forever21+ dress repurposed as skirt, belt: obi belt from carmakoma, necklace: probably from jc penney, shoes: aldo]

xoxo nettaP


I Heard You Loud and Clear


what’s up pumpkins? ok, so after getting a ton of feedback on my post about perhaps leaving this whole fashion thing behind, i’ve decided to keep at it, but, perhaps, change things a bit. you will be seeing more personal posts from me that talk about what i’m going through, most likely. i tend to be a private person when it comes to feelings, but maybe it’s time i change that. apparently a lot of people relate to me (HEY Y’ALL!), so i feel that i need to give the people what they want.

the round up may not happen weekly anymore, it may happen bi-weekly, it may not happen at all. i’m still sitting with that decision, but i will do my best to keep bringing you videos when i get the time and energy!

with all that said, y’all wanna see what i’m wearing today?


a little instagramed image. ok, so, my skirt is last season asos curve, my shoes are from old navy (and are giving me hella blisters. i’ve been banned from wearing heels for awhile due to the knee surgery, so i’m breaking in flats. i didn’t realize they ALSO give you blisters! ahh! my top is a sheer number that is from forever21+. frizzy hair, courtesy of the nyc weather and the gym, necklace is from aldo, so is my ring and my bracelet.

xoxo nettaP