The Round Up: Plus Size Fashion News & Tips

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do you want the latest news from the plus size fashion and blogging world but don’t have time to read all the blogs? then just watch the round up! don’t forget to subscribe!

The Round Up: Plus Size Fashion and Tips

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here’s the round up for the week!

1. carmakoma autumn/winter 2012 collection: [stylish curves, XL as life, the curvy fashionista]

2. style has no size in slink magazine: [madison plus]

3. fat people art: [beyond sizes, fat people art tumblr]

4. full figured fashion week 2012: [runway plus]

5. summer outfit inspiration (for work and for play): [xoxo nettaP, fatshionable, curvy girl chic, god's favorite shoes]

Plus Size Round Up – June 29 2011


howdy doo ladies! the round up is my internet tv show where i share all the latest news from the plus size blog and fashion world. this week’s no exception! take a look at the video, and then follow the links below for more information on each item.

1. breaking the rules as a plus size woman – nicolette mason for refinery29 2. sense of fashion – the curvy fashionista 3. fffweek favorites and finale – the curvy fashionista 4. arturo rios, hat designer – curves and chaos 5. alexander mcqueen exhibit – curves and chaos 6. jill scott on the cover of billboard magazine – stylish curves 7. interview with jill scott – afrobella 8. panty by post – five favorite things 9. bra liners – five favorite things 10. convertible dresses – curves and chaos 11. white denim – five favorite things 12. summer time looks for the office – madison plus 13. le blog de big beauty outfit of the day – le blog de big beauty 14. gone to home depot ootd – god’s favorite shoes 15. cupcake nail tutorial – cupcake’s clothes 16. crazy ass earrings – refinery29

Plus Size Round Up – June 10, 2011


howdy everyone! here are the updates for the week. hope your summer is getting off to a lovely start! below is the round up. if you’re new around here – the round up is a weekly video show where i round up all the latest news from the plus size fashion and blog world!

1. my body is not meant to be hidden. deal with it. – fluvia lacerda

2. cool blue trend – curves and chaos

3. coral trend at eshakti – lips hips and fatshion tips

4. preppy trend – madison plus

5. tunics – curvy coach

6. new torrid look book – curves and chaos

7. nordstrom looks – lips hips and fatshion tips

8. barefoot tess (size 10 shoes and up) – the curvy fashionista

9. donna morgan – stylish curves

10. melissa lawson and ml designs – beyond sizes

11. OOTD target maxi dress – curvy girl chic

12. OOTD asos curve – le blog de big beauty

13. OOTD coral – le blog de big beauty

14. OOTD sheer skirt – style IT

15. kelsey olson – beyond sizes

see you next week!

xoxo nettaP


Plus Size Fashion Round Up – June 3 2011


howdy doo ladies. another week has passed, and here’s another episode of the round up! enjoy! below are the links that i talk about in the video.

1. vogue italia cover story featuring plus size models – madison plus

2. ford+’s curvy book – madison plus

3. rachel pally white label e-store – the curvy fashionista

4. lovedrobe – XL as life

5. ASOS curve salon – stylish curves

6. elena miro spring summer 2011 catalog – madison plus

7. marian lozano at fresh fish fashion – beyond sizes

8. OOTD – young fat and fabulous

9. OOTD – stylish curves

10. OOTD – love brown sugar

11. OOTD – frocks and frou frou

12. OOTD – saks in the city

see you next week ladies!

xoxo nettaP