12 Days of Christmas: Day 10

Black biker gilet   View All Sale   Sale   Offers   Dorothy Perkins

in light of how warm it still is outside, the vest is definitely a very appropriate item to have in your closet right now. it just so happens that i just refreshed the vest shop here on xoxonettaP, too, so take a swing by if you don’t see a vest below that you’re absolutely in love with.

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12 Days of Christmas: Day 9

KUT from the Kloth Double Breasted Cape  Plus    Nordstrom

today we’re talking jackets and coats. it might feel like winter’s broken out there, but, rest assured, the cold will be here come february! the holidays and christmas are the best time to update your outerwear, and if you’re shopping for a significant other, it’s a great item to have under the tree. mostly because outerwear can be a little on the expensive side, but also because it’s pretty standard in style, so you’ll probably have an easier time of choosing one that’s fashionable. just in case you want some guidance, i’ve picked out some of my favorites that are out there recently. for more jackets, you can always check out the xoxo nettaP shop.

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Plus Size Round Up – August 2 2011


hello ladies! i’m back! (and so is the round up!)

so, here are all the links:

1. amber riley talking about her fave plus size designers and the mean stinks campaign – afrobella

2. marquita pring talking about padding herself in photoshoots – stylish curves

3. robyn lawley for australian vogue – madison plus

4. fluvia lacerda on the vogue italia curvy website – curves and chaos

5. tlc’s new show: big sexy – stylish curves

6. carmakoma’s fall/winter 2011 collection – stylish curves and madison plus

7. jibri’s newest items – five favorite things

8. kimono trend – curves and chaos

9. OOTD – yellow dress – cupcake’s clothes

10. OOTD – a little bit cooler? – frocks and frou frou

11. OOTD – pink earrings! – les pitreries devanoue (i hope i spelled that right!)

12. OOTD – style369 dress review – weesha’s world

13. heart nails! – cupcake’s clothes

14. OOTD – look who got married! – god’s favorite shoes (congratulations woman!)

xoxo nettaP


Heather B Sweaters


i have SO much to share with you all – i hope you’re hangin on to your hats!

let’s start off with a post about a sweater line that i’ve been meaning to tell you about for MONTHS. heather b.

they were kind enough to send me the sweater that i’m wearing in this post, and isn’t it just lovely? it’s on trend with the deconstructed edges, it’s grey, and it’s very lightweight. it’s the perfect sweater to be wearing as a very cold winter slowly turns into the beginnings of a crisp spring.

here are some of my favorite picks from the heather b collection:

1. spider web pullover – on sale for $36.95 and available in black and tartan green!

2. this is the sweater i’m rocking – the ray of light pullover – on sale for $47.60 and available in light heather grey

3. the plexus pullover – a newer arrival at heather b, it’s available in heather mercury, ice milk and light heather grey. $98

4. the labyrinth pullover – also a new arrival. this will be really cute at the office for spring or in a bohemian look with a long maxi skirt. it comes in bisque for $88

5. the bella jacket – um, who doesn’t love butt ruffles? comes in graphite/black and dark oak/black and on sale for $110.60

6. hello – aztec prints have been all over the runways this season. get in on the look with this aztec cardigan – available in pearl flurry and water lily for $98

added bonus: they’re having a clearance sale since it’s the end of the season, and you’ll get free shipping on your order.

sizing info: i’m usually a size XXL or 18 on top, this sweater is an XL, and it fits great. keep in mind that i also generally wear my tops a little looser, so i probably would order a size up from an XL, if it was available. we’ll say that these fit true to size! now – keep in mind that the heather b collection is only available in up to a size XL, but also keep in mind that it’s a friendly and generous XL. and the pieces are REALLY well-made.

OOTD: Monif C Jeweled Top


so you remember that clothing swap that i had a few weeks ago? well anna o. showed up, and she has some really amazing pieces in her wardrobe. knowing that, i beelined it to her bag when she opened up, and boy did some jewels come out. if you haven’t checked out monif c‘s line – you should. i saw the start of the spring line a week ago, and oh boy she is doing it AGAIN for next season.

OH! and if you want to meet monif c, hear the story of how she got her start, AND ask her questions all while hanging out with a fun and fabulous group of women, then you should sign up for the plus size fashion meetup here in NYC. in an upcoming month (still being determined) she will be coming to speak with us. i am so honored that we will have her there. and, we’ll be in her showroom, which could mean discounts, but will definitely mean trying on, oohing and aahing.

i love this outfit because it lets me layer a million black pieces under the top to stay warm. if you live … just about anywhere in the united states, you know how cold it’s been in week’s past. i’ve been living in these pink sorel snow boots, too. good thing they’re cute. because even though i’m sick of them – they at least add a pop of color to my outfits!

and, yes, i totally stand in my stairwell like this. ok maybe not, but it does make for a good pose, no? that’s something i’m working on. i have one “go-to” pose for most photos, and it really works, but i’m trying on some new poses for my OOTD posts. only because hand on hip smiling and looking straight on at the camera is a little boring after what seems the 100th time.

anyway – i do love this top, and i this hair do has definitely been a staple while growing my hair out. now, of course, i want to cut it all off, but i suppose that’s the trouble with long hair. you want it when you don’t got it, and you want to chop it off when it’s so much too much to handle!

until next swap my beauties.

xoxo netta P