Fat Chick Work Out: Part 1

Netta P Flexing at Her Desk

I’ve heard before that because I’m a plus size fashion blogger that I’m supporting an unhealthy lifestyle. That I give women an excuse to not take care of themselves. I love being the first in line to respond by telling those people that hey, actually, I work out every day, and I’m gonna start blogging about that, too.

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NYC Plus Size Clothing Swap: August 22


the nyc plus size clothing swap is BACK. and this time it’s gonna be HUGE – better than ever. get excited! get your ticket!

this is the 5th NYC plus size clothing swap, and this time it’s being hosted by yours truly in partnership with kendra porter of honor you.

netta covets: bodycon striped skirt


forever21 plus has this bodycon striped skirt that will be just perfect this summer. i rock mine with a pair of little bike shorts underneath, and you can have the freedom to act like you’re wearing pants. almost. except you’ll feel like you’re azealia banks switchin down the street in a pair of converse and braided pigtails. or maybe you’ll wear it with a pair of boots and really turn it out. what would you pair this with? i mean for $13.80 … you might as well!

xoxo nettaP

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Netta Covets: Khaki Colour Block Bag


this bag is super suave and super versatile because of the style and color. it’s a light neutral, so you could wear it with color, black, other neutrals, and with lots of different styles of outfits. it’s also not exorbitantly expensive! what would you wear it with?


get yourself a iconriver island colour block bag.

xoxo nettaP


Netta Covets: Studs on Your Neck


love this necklace. it’s understated toughness.

icon iconyou could wear this with just about anything – a dress, something frilly to toughen up a girly look, or with jeans and a white tee. get the ASOS Pyramid Square Collar Necklace now!

xoxo nettaP